Auntie Im and Her Magic: Cafe Minamdang Episode 11 Recap and Review

Auntie Im and Her Magic: Cafe Minamdang Episode 11 Recap and Review ...

Cafe Minamdang() is a mystery-drama-comedy TV series directed by Ko Jae-hyun and directed by Park Hye-jin. The series is based on the bookMinamdang: Sagun Soochub, written by Jung Jae-han.The episode lasts 62 minutes.

Park Hye-jin, Ko Jae-hyun, and Yun Ra-young took over the KBS2 slot previously occupied by Bloody Heart. The cast includes Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo, Kwak Si-yang, Kwon Soo-hyun, and Baek Seo-hoo.

The series is described on Netflix as follows:


The 11th Recap of Cafe Minamdang Containing Major Spoilers

Han-jun is unable to believe Jae-huis' claim of being Jang-mi, and he immediately tells her that she cannot be on his team, so his is not like he doesn't trust her. She arrests him and sends him to the police station.

Han-jun is able to enlist her in his party for only a tiny amount of money, although he is quite unsatisfied with the decision. After some chitchat, they begin to discuss Gu Tae-sus' connection with Park Dong-gi, who must have given Tae-su the job. Jae-hui leaves when Han-jun tells her that he doesn't have a plan to get Jin-sang to confess just yet.

Han-jun continues to refuse to work with Jae-hui on the pretense that she would not be able to risk her life as well as Jae-jeong. That night, Han-jun feels somewhat uneasy and dissatisfied after he remembers his previous interactions with Jae-hui, particularly the fact that he kissed his best friend sister.

Jae-huis' leg is pushed relentlessly after her coworkers notice her putting on lipstick. The question is, however, whether or not she will go on a date with Han-jun or Do-won. At Minamdang, a cold war breaks out between Han-jun and Do-won after the latter refuses to work with him, and Han-jun has no other choice but to cooperate with the prosecution.

Jin-sang is heartbroken after failing to receive Han-jun's letters until she finally does, sending his heart fluttering.

Han-jun manipulates Jin-sang into believing that a deadly spirit is haunting his father, indicating that Tae-su is his father's auntie Im, and that his father has kept Tae-su at his job. All the puzzle pieces begin falling into place for Han-jun, who asks Jin-sang to perform an exorcism to remove the evil spirit. Again, Jin-sang promises to pay 1.5 billion won for it.

Han-jun and the group try to find Auntie Im while Jae-hui and her group discover that Tae-su was involved in a firearm accident a few years ago. While Do-won puts his investigation on hold when he learns that Jae-hui is going to investigate something about Tae-su. After a rather interesting road trip, the witness tells them that Tae-su was not killed in the gun incident in the mountains, a fact that everyone is shocked.

So, to recap, Tae-su died somewhere, and Lim Yeong-ju has taken on his identity. Thus, trying to find out everything they can about Auntie Im becomes more difficult as the days pass. Han-jun and the group are holding a shaman convention to learn quite a lot about Auntie Im, particularly that she murdered her Godmother.

Auntie Im discovers that Han-jun has been frantically looking for her. Tae-su urges Tae-su to keep an eye on them and wait for him to come out of his own volition. On the other hand, Do-won invites Jae-hui to a party featuring the whos who of the big bad world.

Han-jun encounters a stunning Jae-hui at the party and is unable to believe what he's seeing. After meeting Min-gyeong and having an awkward reunion, she declares that Han-jun is her fiancee. Han-jun immediately admits that he did not want to accept the offer.

Cha Seung-won enters the party, exchanges pleasantries with his brother and introduces Jae-hui, Han-jun comes flying in to stop the three from interfering. After pouring champagne down Do-wons outfit, all three go to the bathroom, chatting about Do-won being the first in line to the empire.

Episode 11 of Cafe Minamdang comes to an end.

Jae-hui is surprised to see Gu Tae-su later on in the party, while Han-jun tries to find Auntie Im. The latter, meanwhile, predicts that Han-jun is at the gathering and looks rather relieved when Tae-su confirms that it will be his last day on earth.

Auntie Im, recognizing Han-jun, predicts that he shouldnt try to one-up those above him and later on, the two of them listen in on the bug where the guests at the top table talk about Eun-hye and getting rid of Tae-su.

Auntie Im, who removes the bug and knocks the two of them unconscious, discovers their petite plot.

Do-won observes the entire last scene unfolding in front of him in the epilogue.

Review of Cafe Minamdang Episode 11

Cafe Minamdang episode 11 has reached a fairly stale point in its runtime where the story does not really progress beyond a certain point.

Despite having some funny moments, the series stretch those lines to a maximum, ruining any and all laughter that is generated from it. Its redoing most of its funny moments and adding such unnecessary scenes in the runtime that don't really add anything to it in any way. Like, I dont care about the two extra cops who eat random mushrooms from the woods. It's a rather poor attempt to prolong the runtime.

Cafe Minamdang hasnt really gone ahead with the plot other than bringing Seung-won back and making him the main character to follow. The series is constantly adding new tricks that Han-jun plays on others as if they are idiots who dont know his true identity despite his death.

All of these tricks and stuff may be enjoyable, but they do not really propel the story forward. And when it does, it's just by a tiny bit. Hopefully, in the next episode, things will improve. But right now, I'm just waiting for the show to provide something unexpected rather than constantly beating around the bush.

Cafe Minamdangis is now streaming onNetflix.

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Cafe Minamdang Episode 11 has some laughs and a whole lot of stagnancy.

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