The Real Drama at HBO Max and Discovery is Waiting for the Next Cuts

The Real Drama at HBO Max and Discovery is Waiting for the Next Cuts ...

The Rehearsal, an HBO Maxs comedy series, has had a lot of buzz at the moment. It follows the comedians' attempts to assist ordinary people through difficult life challenges by endlessly rehearsing them in a simulation. Much absurdity results.

Fielder paid an unprecedented amount of HBOs money to construct a complete, exact replica of The Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn, down to the smallest details, including a working pizza oven. Then, in a separate episode, Fielder had the bar shipped to an Oregon warehouse to enjoy his drinks in between rehearsals.

Now, building this guy his own bar and lugging it around the country is likely to cost less than, say, an episode of Game of Thrones. But it cannot both be cheap.

HBO is supposed to be doing what it is supposed to be doing at its finest. It forged a reputation by delivering something you would not find anywhere else: thought-provoking, engrossing, ongoing stories that nobody else can match.

The Rehearsal takes off as soon as a new episode of Friday Airs on Friday. It has already caught on in a major way. But how long will HBO Max continue to fund Fielder's ridiculous visions? Because more and more, its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. Reportis operating with both eyes firmly on the bottom line.

Every penny is being watched by Warner Bros. Discovery's new CEO.

The $43 billion merger between Warner Bros and the reality TV show empire Discovery was concluded this spring.In theory, this should be a boon for subscribers. HBO Max gets a lot of new content, and if you don't like cooking shows or reality TV, you can just watch something else on the app.

Will there be anything other than reality shows to watch on HBO Max if things continue to go the way they are going?

Ok, thats an exaggeration. After the merger, new CEO David Zaslav, who oversaw the transition from Warners' former owner to AT&T (T) - Get AT&T Inc. Report, and previously served as President and CEO of Discovery, has told shareholders he'd be looking to save $3 billion.

From TLC to TNT to Adult Swim to National Geographic, the Warner Bros. and Discovery portfolios encompassed channels. Ideally, programs from all of these channels will all end up on the HBO Max portal at some point.

Each of these channels has their own leadership, but now they all report to Zaslav. And he has apparently been open to finding some of those $3 billion in cost savings by canceling programs (Heck, the guy started the CNN+ streaming service less than a month after it was released).

HBO is the only service that has a television commercial.

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Discovery from Warner Bros. is in a state of flux.

Full Frontal, an Emmy-winning series starring Samantha Bee, was canceled, a move that shocked the television industry, since it had just won its 19th Emmy nomination this summer. Bees' thoughts on the reverse of Roe vs Wade were also popular this summer.

Bee is in good company as there have been cancellations across the Warner Bros. Discovery line. No matter your favorite flavor, something you like will most likely be canceled in the future.

Adult Swim Joe Pera Talks With You, a cult classic that spanned three seasons, had its programming canceled early in July. However, the strange comedy Three Busy Debras was also canceled recently.

Tom Ascheim, who was President of Warner Bros. Global Kids, Young Adults, and Classic in May, supervised Adult Swim as part of his responsibilities, and now is occupied by Kathleen Finch.)

The main HBO Max line hasnt been secure. Early in the summer, the sci-fi series Made for Love and Raised By Wolves was canceled.

Gordita Chronicles, a coming-of-age comedy, has been canceled. The series chronicled a Latin family that moved from Santo Domingo to Miami in 1985. Executive produced by Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana, the series received rave reviews after its debut last month.

HBO Max has said that live-action kids and family programming will not be part of its programming focus in the immediate future, and as a result, we had to make the very difficult decision to put an end to the Gordita Chronicles.

The CW is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, while Paramount Global (PARA) - Get Paramount Global Report - owns the other half. However, the channel is quickly becoming a shadow of its former self.

The Flash once had the most varied assortment of superhero television series around, but the so-called Arrowverse of DC characters has been whittled down in recent years. Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman both were canceled, and now news has surfaced that The Flash will return with a shorter ninth and final season.

Superman & Lois, which is officially not part of the Arrowverse, is the CW's last superhero show, and one of its last series, period. (Its complicated, as is always the case with any kind of DC continuity.) The next show, Gotham Knights, is scheduled for next year.

More cuts are on the way. It's only a matter of time before HBO Max tells Nathan Fielder that his days of having the whole bar for himself are over.

Get a Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. report here.

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