The Las Vegas Strip is dealing with a pot problem (but a solution is on the way)

The Las Vegas Strip is dealing with a pot problem (but a solution is on the way) ...

You can't have your cake and eat it as well. And in Las Vegas, you can't have all legal cannabis and smoke it too.

Because the Nevada statute that legalized marijuana/cannabis possession did not explicitly state the reason for consuming it. It is illegal to smoke marijuana in a hotel room or anywhere in the city, except in a private residence.

In a recent article,'s Corey Levitan clarified a bit of a legal problem.

"The overwhelming majority of visitors who buy marijuana legally in these shops end up being forced to use it illegally," according to the author.

"Various regulations prohibit smoking or vaping marijuana on the streets, in hotel rooms, or in cars. Even tourists who follow these rules go on to violate others, since traveling their unused marijuana across state lines or on an airplane is a federal offense."

You may buy cannabis but not smoke it (at least legally). That's fine for edible sales, but it has created issues, particularly on the Las Vegas Strip, that some new laws are trying to remediate.

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Let's make Las Vegas sparkle.

The problem of "you can own it but cannot smoke it" has not prompted Las Vegas visitors to refrain from purchasing cannabis. They still purchase it and simply consume it, either somewhat clandestinely or, as seems fairly popular, right out in public on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Casinos will require you to smoke inside, and even hotels that allow smoking do not require marijuana smoking (you will be fined). However, the cops have other things to do than prevent people from lighting up on the Strip or in a parking garage.

The creation of such lounges appears to be on track to resolve this problem.

Levitan wrote that tourists who legally buy marijuana in Las Vegas will soon have a legal place to consume it. "In June, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board voted to approve regulations for cannabis lounges to operate in the state. The first are expected to come online before 2023."

The consents were given public since early in the summer, but the timeline for building the lounges remained a mystery.

Cannabis-Consumption Lounges Are Coming

The cannabis board's recommendation calls for 40 lounges in Las Vegas - 20 inside existing dispensaries, 20 that will operate independently. No cannabis-consumption lounges will be inside any casino because of federal laws.

This situation has created something casino operators do not want: Customers must stay at their properties for extended periods. Caesars Entertainment (CZR) - Get Caesars Entertainment Inc. Report, MGM Resorts (MGM) - Get MGM Resorts International Report, and other major resort/casino operators have worked hard to avoid this situation.

Casino corporations have built properties that include everything from gambling and dining to pools, spas, and any kind of entertainment imaginable, and made them accessible from their customers' hotel rooms. That's a game that has previously not been feasible due to cannabis sales and cannabis consumption.

Planet 13 (PLNHF), which has about 10% of the Nevada cannabis market, intends to be one of the key players in the cannabis industry.

"We intend on constructing a cannabis-consumption lounge within our cannabis entertainment complex so that users may enjoy consuming their favorite strain in a bar-like environment with fully trained servers," the company said in a press release.

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