David Polfeldt, an ex-Ubisoft CEO, has joined PlayerUnknown Productions as a senior advisor

David Polfeldt, an ex-Ubisoft CEO, has joined PlayerUnknown Productions as a senior advisor ...

PlayerUnknown Productions, a game studio headed by Brendan Greene, has announced that it has hired David Polfeldt to serve as a senior advisor.

Polfeldt left Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment studio in Sweden in March 2021. Massive was responsible for the creation of the Snowdrop game engine and the distribution of major titles such as The Division and The Division 2, and is also developing future Avatar and Star Wars titles.

In a statement, we concluded that David would be a great fit to help me create a successful studio culture with a great working environment.

Polfeldt said in a statement that he is excited to join the PlayerUnknown Productions team, where I will assist Brendans in establishing an authentic studio and a successful brand.

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PlayerUnknown Productions was spun out of Krafton as an independent applied research and development studio. Greene has named the game world Prologue, and a subsequent massive multiplayer world Project Artemis.

Greene's group of game designers, software engineers, and researchers is experimenting with methods like machine learning and data-driven design to create a new engine that will attempt to push the limits of what is possible with virtual worlds. I asked Greene if there were any plans to bring Polfeldt on full-time yet.

Greene is often referred to as the father of the battle royale genre, having originally created the game mode as a mod for the Arma series of games. In H1Z1, he went on to develop the multi-award-winning game known as PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG), which has sold thousands of copies and expanded to other platforms.

Polfeldt has been a video game designer for 25 years, from modest enthusiast games to massive triple-A titles. He began his career in a basement with friends, before taking on a leadership position at Ubisoft and Hollywood. As the managing director for Massive Entertainment, a position he held for 17 years, he was responsible for the triple-A teams for The Division, Avatar, and Star Wars.

Polfeldt has been freelancing as a management consultant since July 2022, under the umbrella of his own company, Flaming Cat.

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