Sony does not believe it can be a Call of Duty competitor

Sony does not believe it can be a Call of Duty competitor ...

Sony has expressed its concerns over the Microsoft Activision purchase to the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), one of many competition regulators from across the world that is reviewing the purchase for anti-competitive behavior. If Activision stopped releasing Call of Duty games for PlayStation, Sony does not think it would be able to remake the franchise with its own game.

The American Federal Trade Commission, the Competition and Markets Authority, and other authorities are reviewing Microsoft's plan to purchase Activision Blizzard, the company's largest recent acquisitions.

The data from its investigations is freely accessible by Brazil's CADE, including interviews with several game companies on how acquisitions might affect the whole industry. A Resetera poster who claims to be an IT lawyer provided a simplified translation.

Sony told the CADE that while Call of Duty AAA games might be created by a few other companies such as itself, EA, Take-Two, or Epic Games, none of them can replicate the Call of Duty brand. The PlayStation creator believes that Call of Duty's fan base is so established that even if another publisher developed a similar game, it would not be able to copy the Call of Duty brand.

Sony anticipates that an exclusive Call of Duty will impact customers' console selection. The company admits that the series is one of the most lucrative PS3 third-party publishers, but changes the numbers, so it's unclear how much money Sony might lose if it loses Call of Duty.

Microsoft promised that any existing multiplatform Activision Blizzard games that are currently in development would remain so upon release. That includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Warzone 2, Diablo 4, and other upcoming games. Others, like Minecraft, are still supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft stated that it would not necessarily keep future projects exclusive to Xbox and Windows, such as Call of Duty, in February. This week, the company expressed its desire to the Competition Commissioner in New Zealand.

The CADE received responses from Warner Bros., Ubisoft, Nuuvem, Apple, Riot Games, Amazon, and Meta regarding Microsoft's acquisition. Google believes Activision Blizzard games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft are replaceable, and Riot Games is in agreement.

The Microsoft-Activision Blizzard agreement might be approved as early as August.

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