Kate Middletons Preppy Look: 8 Striped Sweaters

Kate Middletons Preppy Look: 8 Striped Sweaters ...

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Kate Middletons fashion choices are often classic, timeless, and preppy. As a result, the Duchess of Cambridge does not often join the bandwagon to follow a trend. However, sometimes the trends follow her. In September, The Duchess may just have to change her title to Queen of Fall Fashion.

I predict that striped sweaters will return to their original form every few years, making them an increasingly popular wardrobe staple. Ballet flats are making a controversial comeback (love em or hate em) as an indicator that fashionistas like Madeline (the book character), the Royals, and Blair Waldorf are all set to make an appearance on your outfit ideas boards.

Kate Middleton prefers functional outfits with a sporty edge when she isnt outrigging gowns and feathered hats. This striped sweater was the perfect outfit for Kate Middleton to wear for an outing with the Great Britain SailGP Team. She eventually changed into actual racing gear to join the team in a race, but her initial appearance suggested that she would spend the day casually boating.

The Duchess of Cambridge tucked her striped sweater into a pair of high-waisted white shorts (similar to the one Meghan Markle wore recently). She paired them with a pair of Superga sneakers, which she loves. Who knows, maybe that trend will continue to evolve.

Ive discovered eight sweaters to assist you in achieving Kate Middletons' style, whether it's because she's a classic item or because she's the next big thing.

Striped Crewneck Sweater with Oversized Crewneck

J.Crew's preppy-chic style is proven by this knit sweater. The lighter material guarantees that this garment will be comfortable in the summer and fall.

Sweater in Stripe Cotton Ribbed

This striped sweater is a thinner knit, making it ideal for layering over a white button-up or tightening around your shoulders. Its available in sizes XS-3X.

Mens Stripe Cotton Crewneck Sweater

Im going for an oversized outfit, so here's one of my favorite fashion hacks.

Sweater with a Wide Stripe Knit Stripe

If navy feels too basic, substitute a thick brown stripe for the striped sweater. This gives the look more of a minimalist natural appearance and less of a preppy feeling.

Striped Knit Sweater

If you like the striped sweater look but want something lighter, this Zara thin knit option is perfect.

Sweater with a Quarter Zip Striped Stripe

Get your stripe fix with a quarter zip off of your dad's closet. I love this style because it's a blend of sporty and preppy, so it's suitable for any occasion.

A Supersized Striped Sweater

Kate Middletons' classic sweater is now available in a red v-neck version. If you wear it larger, you can get the effortless off-the-shoulder look that's shown on the model.

Sweater With Collar

Are you planning on sailing? Probably not, but if you wanted to be both fake and real, this collared sweater would work in your favor.

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