NBA YoungBoy Bagging $60 Million Kodak Black Is Inspired By NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy Bagging $60 Million Kodak Black Is Inspired By NBA YoungBoy ...

YoungBoy, an NBA player, is on a winning run. While the star had been sceptical about his future and pretty much gave up on being free, his acquittal in the federal firearms case transformed his life. The rapper is attempting to put an end to his house arrest and is planning a big tour.

The rapper is still facing a firearms charge in Louisiana. As he prepares for the release of his next album The Last Slimeto this week, he appears to have confirmed that he would sign a multi-million-dollar agreement.

YoungBoy took to Instagram Stories to enthuse fans about his new album. He revealed an uncanny feature in the album and somewhat confirmed that he would be signing a new deal.

Kodak Black struck an emotional cord with this, and it appears he has a new goal to accomplish. The rapper said that NBA YoungBoy has moved onto that real, real bag while he is still stuck in his current contract.

I can't wait for him to leave his deal and move on and get to that real, real bag and I'll be sitting back and still in my fucking deal. No! I've lost my $60 million.

When he made the comment, Black appeared to be a hater to some of his followers. He took to Instagram Live to express himself. He stated that he wants what he really deserves. Given how much he's gone through, YoungBoy certainly deserves his compensation.

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