The legal team for Johnny Depp wanted to know why Amber Heard worked as an escort

The legal team for Johnny Depp wanted to know why Amber Heard worked as an escort ...

The never-ending quest between Amber Heard and Johnny Deep has continued to surface in the media. A soap opera that may not come to an end anytime soon.

Exclusive court papers have been unsealed, and according to several outlets, they contain unheard evidence that did not make it before the jury, thus forming new allegations about each party.

Amber allegedly worked as a stripper and escort at some point early in her career, according to Team Johnny. That was information Depps' lawyers supposedly wanted to present at trial, but it was rejected.

Ambers sister,Whitney Henriquez, appeared on a reality show that contained what Johnnys' team believed was disturbing information about Ambers past, but the judge refused to let that into the record either.

Team Amber wanted to publish a text message between Johnny and Marilyn Manson that showed him teaching his pals how to deal with an Amber-like situation of his own and even seeking refuge with Johnny in 2016 as a result of Mansons own relationship difficulties.

With my Ls family, I've had a couple of nasty police amber type situations. Im freaking out. I dont know if you're back, but I need asylum somewhere because I suspect the cops will be heading my way.

Manson said she had done a stunt to Amber. She was referred to as Amber 2.0 by Manson, who responded with love.

Heard wanted to give more information to show that Johnny's Pirates days were worse than predicted, and how Disney was supposedly enraged over his behavior throughout the production. Heard wanted to also state other cases he was dealing with, including his assault lawsuit, which all were dismissed.

Ambers sister Whitney's former boss, Jennifer Howell, an art curator, claims her sister was to blame for the incident in Australia fingertip cutting.

In the pre-trial trial case, Howell was grilled and told Johnny's lawyers that Whitney recalled the incident to her in 2015. In her deposition, Howell claimed Whitney was with her when Amber alerted her sister about what had happened.

Whitney's ex-boss claims that Amber had done it now, which is a red flag in the context of his fight with Johnny. What Howell reportedly said to Camille Vasquez in the transcript is shocking.

She goes, She cuts off his finger. She cuts off his finger. And then she walked out the door and said, I got to call somebody.'

Amber and Johnny, and she apparently tossed a bottle and cut off his finger, is what (Henriquez) said when she returned from whoever she talked to outside.

This section of Howells' deposition was withdrawn from the trial. Nonetheless, a small, limited portion of it did actually get played in court, and it wasnt the bombshell that Depps' attorneys desired.

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