Louis Tomlinson isn't a fan of One Directions' debut album

Louis Tomlinson isn't a fan of One Directions' debut album ...

One Direction was one of the most popular boy bands until Zayn Malik left the group. Since then, the rest of the band have begun to pursue solo careers. Louis Tomlinson was a primary songwriter in the band. He recently disclosed what he likes about the band's first album.

Louis appeared on the Smallzys Surgery podcast where he talked about One Direction's early days. The podcast was coincidently recorded on the twelve-year anniversary of when the band was first formed. The singer said 1ds first album was bland.

The band was formed twelve years ago today, but the first album was a flop.

Louis decided to record his solo debut album Walls in 2020. He noted that his solo career takes a lot of work as well. He isnt satisfied with how he has handled himself so far. With One Directions' success, Louis feels he has a lot of pressure to produce a high quality album.

Offensichtlich, I am still under pressure to maintain a good record.

I'm trying to find my feet coming out of a band as big as One Direction.

Up All Night, One Direction's debut album, was an instant hit. With 4.5 million copies sold, the album topped the charts in sixteen countries and became the third best selling album of 2012.

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