Amber Heard Accused Johnny Depps' Legal Team Of Altering Evidence

Amber Heard Accused Johnny Depps' Legal Team Of Altering Evidence ...

Over the weekend, a large amount of newly unsealed evidence from the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was revealed. Among the thousands of pages, there was a large amount of shocking material that had previously gone unnoticed. One of the files included a motion filed by Ambers' legal team accusing Depp of tampering with evidence in the case.

Amber Heards lawyers sought to sue Johnny Depp for manipulating photographs of his injuries, among other things, according to Newsweek. Metadata in the submitted files indicates that the photographs were digitally altered. Johnny Depp's legal team has not commented on the matter.

Amber Heard's photographs show Johnny Depp's bruises and abrasions, which are said to be from the incident. The photos show created and modified dates far later than the original timeframe. Ambers' team believes that is evidence of Johnnys tampering.

Amber Heards lawyers claim that Depp's audio evidence suggests that the recordings were altered months after they were originally recorded. Depps' team did not produce unmodified versions of the files, which, they said, raises serious issues.

Amber Heard used the notion of doctored photos as a key part of her testimony during the trial. She was accused by Depp of manipulating her own evidence to make herself appear less injured than she was. In court, Amber Heard denied both claims.

Amber Heard has filed to challenge the civil judgment, indicating that all of this might become relevant again. The Johnny Depps legal team is certain that the outcome will be the same as the first. Heards attorneys will have a difficult battle after losing the initial case.

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