Billie Eilish Takes a Sultry Photo Drop

Billie Eilish Takes a Sultry Photo Drop ...

Billie Eilish is undoubtedly one of the most attention-grabbing singers in the music industry right now. At just 20 years old, she has won the competition, and her songs have been chart-toppers for a long time. Recently, Billie left her followers drooling over her in her latest sultry photo drop.

Billie looked absolutely stunning in two snaps taken on Monday. Her jet black hair was slicked up into a messy ponytail with her bangs skimming over her eyes.

The 20-year-old splashed on a mauve lipstick coat. Her curled lashes accented her blue eyes.Billie also wore an off-white plaid top with silver necklaces, which accented her outfit.

Billie presented a surprise acoustic performance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood on Friday, marking the one-year anniversary of her second studio album.

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