A video of Kodak's black trafficking arrest has surfaced

A video of Kodak's black trafficking arrest has surfaced ...

Kodak Black was recently arrested for drug trafficking. The Florida rapper advised his supporters not to judge him too quickly. Kodak believes he was profilated by the police who stopped him.

Thin Blue Line, a YouTube channel, has recently posted footage of a Kodak Blacks arrest. In the video, he is stopped for having expired tags and unlawful window tint. As Kodak tells officers he just returned from a performance in Detroit, he is asked about the smell of marijuana in the vehicle.

Kodak said he no longer smokes. The fact was enough to give police probable cause to search the SUV.

I have yet to receive any cannabis from this guy, but he just gave me a few buds at the gas station. I no longer smoke weed. I swear to God.

One of the officers told Kodak Black that he discovered 30 tablets in the center console a half-hour later. Kodak was then placed under arrest. The officers then place him in the back of their vehicle.

Kodak Black has been charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and trafficking. He spent one night in jail before bonding out. Kodak is currently working to resolve the issue.

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