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A Fast-growing Professional Social Network, a fast-growth professional social network

A Fast-growing Professional Social Network, a fast-growth professional social network

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- -- Nov. 15 - 20 21 p.m. Glassdoor is a glassdoor. Today announced that through its parent company it completed the acquisition of a company that is the world leader in jobs and companies, today announced it had completed acquiring., the global leader on jobs, and the worldwide leader of the company Fishbowl is a fishbowler. . Fishbowl is a fast-growing social network used by more than one million professionals. It is the vast network of professionals who grow rapidly use fishbowla to socialize based on rapid growth. 1 In candid discussions, we talk about anything career, industry, and workplace-related. The financial terms aren't disclosed.

With more than 55 million unique users a month, over 55 millions unique user users average. 2 Glassdoor is helping people everywhere find a job and eat recollection by increasing workplace transparency. Glassdoor, founded in 2008, provides a wide range of ratings, reviews, salary reports and other workplace insights shared by employees to help job seekers better understand what it really is to work at telecommunications. The two platforms are highly complementing and help people get the information they need to make better career decisions. Fishbowl's focus is on building meaningful connections and more personal conversations for working professionals.

The acquisition of Fishbowl is particularly difficult for workers as work continues to progress. A new one. Glassdoor survey survey Glass Door. 3 The Harris Poll shows that 48% of employees felt isolated from their coworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 42% of workers felt their career stall because of the lack of in-person connection. In addition, nearly half (45%) of employees expect to work remotely or with full-time employees going forward. The Fishbowl by Glassdoor is going to deliver even more workplace transparency to help meet the changing needs of today's working professionals. It will empower professionals to have candid conversations, connect with each other, build communities and build community communities to

Work is changing rapidly, and workers need to look after them. The change continues with Glassdoor and Fishbowl, and what's clear is that workers need more information, more connection and more community, no matter where they are located. By this acquisition, we're giving job seekers and employees an unmatched real-time insight into their employee experience across companies and industries, said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor Chief Executive Officer. Fishbowl's exceptional product, team and growth make us thrilled and excited to help expand the community even faster. We proudly welcome Fishbowl employees to the Glassdoor family and look forward to future together."

"More than ever, professionals seek communities to acquire valuable career-related experiences and obtain more information from people they know more than they've already become. That's incredibly powerful, said Matt Sunbulli, Fishbowl'e chief executive officer. "We're excited to have Glassdoor's support powering Fishbowl'' growth."

Fishbowl has more than 18 million conversations, comments and direct messages in thousands of bowls. 4 Business professionals can discuss career, industry, and workplace-related topics. People should choose to represent themselves before posting or commenting on Fishbowl: jobs title, company they work for, or full name, title and company.

In the coming days, employees and workers on Glassdoor will see relevant Fishbowl conversations from people working in related industries and companies. Those two-thirds (69%) of employees want to learn more about the team they would be working with when they decide to accept a job, and 66%) employees wish they had gotten accustomed to the common questions of Through the open view of the fishbowl and the opportunity to see full conversations and explore company feeds, industry and special interest bowls. A Fishbowl is required to view these conversations. A fishbowll must be used to make a view of these discussions. A balance of the balance and balance. .

RESULTS, VIDEO, IMAGES + INTERVIEWS: FULL SURVEY, SULTES, FOURNITURES, CONSULTIERS, EXPERTS: VERLETTER Photographs of Fishbowl by Glassdoor and new product integrations are available upon request. Check out the adol. video video How to dive into the Fishbowl by Glassdoor product. Plus, see full. Glassdoor survey by Glass Door. Data on employee sentiment related to the new world of work and the changing workforce needs. For more information, email me for more info. [email protected] I have a good time.

About Glassdoor

Glassdoor. Using a million of workplace reviews and insights, combined with the latest jobs, helps people find naive jobs everywhere. Glassdoor helps employers hire effective candidates at scale through effective recruiting solutions like the ones that are effective. Employers branding their employers. The data analytics product is invaluable. Glassdoor has now more than 95 million reviews and insights shared by employees, for more 1.7 million companies around the world. Glassdoor is a subsidiary of Recruit Holdings, based in Tokyo. For more information, visit the website. .

About Fishbowl, About the Fishwood.

Fishbowl is on mission to help professionals and companies get ahead by making a good impact on their work. Fishbowl is currently accessible through its mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices and is free for all users. For more information or to download the app, please visit our website. www.fishbowlerapp. .

1 Fishbowl Internal Data, CQ2'21, Fish Fishfield, Internal Data. 2 In CQ2'21, Unique users represent peak monthly unique users in Cq221. 3 The Harris Poll conducted this survey in the United States between August 12-16, 2021, among 1,058 adults aged 18+ who are employed full-time, part- or self-employed. This online survey isn't based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. Please contact [email protected]. 4 Fishbowl Data, August 2021.

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