Here's What We Know About The Flash's Ending Now That It Has Finally Been Canceled

Here's What We Know About The Flash's Ending Now That It Has Finally Been Canceled ...

The Flash, a long-running CW superhero show, will be canceled in 2023, following a ninth season of 13 episodes; it has been a popular show throughout the CW, but it's been left to the company for the time being due to the frequent delays of The Flash and Miller's erratic personal behavior. However, the CW's lineup is likely to be thin as a result of the recent merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery.

The Flash has been canceled, following a ninth season of 13 episodes. According to a comic book, the CW and Warner Brothers Television announced that The Flash would come to an end, the second in a series of cancellations and endings under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella.

Eric Wallace, the showrunner, confessed in an interview with TV Line that he had been planning for the end of the program for a long time, describing writing for it as a friendly challenge; thus there is certainly some relief in the other shoe falling. Grant Gustin is a fan favorite Barry Allen, who is currently played by actor Ezra Miller in the DCEU's extended family.

The Arrowverse's comic book series has less cultural saturation than the Marvel Cinematic Universe films or the DC Expanded Universe, but it has a loyal fan base that will no doubt be sorry to see it go. Superman & Lois (starring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as the titular characters) will be the CW's only remaining show at some point.

Part of this may be related to the recent WarnerMedia (which owned the CW) and Discovery Inc. merger to form Warner Bros. Discovery. Any major merger will inevitably result in reorganization and some canceled projects (like The Flash), but Warner Bros. Discovery seems to be particularly looking for former WarnerMedia programs.

The Flash or any show for that matter, will likely lose one Scarlet Speedster on television, but the character will certainly be revived elsewhere in the company. After all, there must be a slew of Barry Allens.

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