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Sasol, Haldor Topse expand G2LTM licensing collaboration to grow sustainable synthetic fuels and chemicals globally

Sasol, Haldor Topse expand G2LTM licensing collaboration to grow sustainable synthetic fuels and chemicals globally

JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 15 2021 - Haldor Topse and Sasol have expanded their collaboration to develop and license their technologies for sustainable liquid fuel and chemicals production through Fischer-Tropsch technology.

Sasol and Topse currently offer integrated end-to-end solutions to produce synthetic fuels and chemicals. SynCORTM and Sasol's Low Temperature Fischer-Tropsch are topse'' SyncOR and sasols SyncaorTM, and the FischertropSchde' TM MC masked as a teeming. Technology has been licensed into Gas-to-Liquid (GTL), most recently Uzbekistan GTL, which is in the final phase of construction.

Sasol and Topse offer end-to-end solutions to produce sustainable fuels and chemicals, specifically Power-for-Fuels or e-fuils, using renewable carbon sources or CO-efficient energy sources. 2 Green hydrogen and renewable energy.

"We need cleaner alternatives for the future transportation fuels." This new initiative builds on a successful partnership with Sasol, and we're excited to take it to the next level by offering our technologies together as unified licenses for the production of sustainable synthetic fuels", says Fei Chen,

"Sasol and Haldor topse have a technology relationship lasting more than two decades," says Marius Brand, Executive Vice President of Sasol 2.0 Transformation. Through which dozens of world-first technologies were deployed, world We believe this platform provides the foundation for an easy solution to the world and drives forward a sustainable future, specifically for the difficult sectors, such as aviation. The collaboration in technology is a key element in our objective of preserving our ability to change our world. Our partnership and Sasol's undisputed leadership in FT technology position us well to grow a low carbon products business globally by using renewable resources to produce sustainable fuels and chemicals.

Other new technologies are being developed, such as Topse's electrified reforming platform, e-Reforming and reverse Water Gas Shift, solid oxide electrolysis and Sasol'' FT catalyst

This gives potential customers access to an integrated solution across the entire value chain, from renewable fuels to liquid fuel. Sasol and Topse will give their customers all the necessary technology licenses for complete sustainable fuel solutions. This includes basic engineering, catalyst, hardware and specialized technical support to ensure a bankable and successful project.

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