The Beginner's Guide To French Braids Vs. Dutch Braids

The Beginner's Guide To French Braids Vs. Dutch Braids ...

Braids are one of the most versatile and easiest ways to style your hair. You can wear box braids as a protective style for weeks or wear them for an intricate, one-night-only look (theres a reason why everybody's favorite celebrities love braids for a red carpet moment).

What Is The Difference Between a French and a Dutch Braid?

The two braids are similar but they differ in appearance depending on the direction the hair is manipulated in, according to Stevens. The French braid appears flat while the Dutch braid appears elevated.

How To Do A French Braid

Stevens defines a French braid as a braid that appears to be inverted. [Its] where the hair is divided into three sections and crosses over alternating pieces to make a connection on the head braid, according to Stevens.

Stevens advises you to divide the hair you want to braid into three sections first, then alternate the pieces. Once those three pieces meet, youll begin pulling pieces of hair as you braid.

Marjan advises you to grab the right section of hair with your right hand, then put it in your left hand, making sure you grab another piece of hair to add to the braid as you go. Continue this pattern down the length of hair.

Stevens suggests using a pomade or an edge control gel, like the Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel, to manage frizz. She also suggests hydrating hair with a good serum, such as the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum or Crown Affair The Hair Oil.

How To Make A Dutch Braid

You'll want to break hair into three sections, like you would do with a French braid. Start from the right and cross the piece under the middle section, rather than crossing it over as you would when doing a French braid. Then from the left side, Marjan advises you to cross the piece from your left hand under the middle strand, passing it into your right hand. Continue this pattern all the way down the length of hair.

Once you practice, doing French and Dutch braids is quite simple and you may make it one of your go-to hairstyles to keep your hair out of your face.

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