In iOS 16, how do I edit or unsend messages?

In iOS 16, how do I edit or unsend messages? ...

The iPhone's Messages app is likely to be the focal point of activity, receiving calls from family, friends, colleagues, and others. However, having greater control over your texts can sometimes feel like a pipe dream.

iOS 16: How To Edit Or Unsend iMessages

The process of unsending a message is as simple as long pressing the text in question, then selecting Undo Send, from the top of the list of options. Your message will disappear with an explosive graphic, and you can see that awful text you meant to send your mom disappear before your eyes. According to a press release from June 6, users will only be able to unsend messages for up to two minutes after sending.

To edit a message, youll first need to hold down on it. Then, select Edit from the dropdown menu, and modify the message as needed. The recipient will also be able to view your edited messages, so you should always try to make your initial drafts of texts legible (and appropriate) enough to send without edits.

In iOS 16, you can also recover deleted messages for up to 30 days thanks to a Apple newsroom entry about the announcement. Just swipe right on the thread and tap, the same way you would mark an email thread as unread in the Mail app.

Youll be able to correct that awkward typo in your first text to a new datefriend (Brain is not a cute nickname for Brian!) or delete that passive-aggressive note to your roommate. Though many of these faux pas could be avoided by simply reading the text over again, these new features will ease the unpleasantness of many of us who are unlucky.

If someone edits or unsends a message, will you be notified?

If the ability to edit or unsend messages feels a bit off, then be assured that your conversation stream will not be harmed by a certain moment. Even if you can't tell what was wrong with your BFF's hot take dissertation, you can call them out if they conveniently delete a sentence that was unclear.

Messages received these updates along with other new iOS 16 features, including editable fonts and colors for your lock screen. There's little doubt the iPhone's future will be customizable.

This article was originally published on June 6, 2022.

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