Why Are Celebs Getting Eyebrow Transplants?

Why Are Celebs Getting Eyebrow Transplants? ...

What Is The Definition Of An Eyebrow Transplant?

Diamond explains that an eyebrow transplant is akin to a typical hair transplant. It's a more laborious and labor-intensive procedure than one that can be performed on your head of hair. It's all about the shape and technique (more on that later).

Diamond says that if you want brow fullness, this is your best option, and not even popular alternatives like microblading or medical tattooing can compete. When it comes to the appearance and the feel, real hair is no substitute, he adds. Eyebrow transplants are permanent.

Who Is A Candidate?

Diamond cautions that eyebrow transplants are intended for a broad spectrum of patients, particularly those who have thinning or sparse brow hair due to previous decades when that was the norm, aging, genetics, and most recently, the lockdown.

Diamond explains that there are a wide variety of shapes to choose from, including straight, curved, soft arch, upward, and S shaped, as well as other variations. It's also important to go to a clinic where the doctors are not only board-certified facial plastic surgeons, but also board-certified facial plastic surgeons so that they can assess all facial features and determine which shape best frames the eyes for optimal facial enhancement.

The Procedure

Diamond explains that the procedure itself is relatively painless, yet it requires a high degree of precision. The transplanted hairs will grow in the wrong direction and appear very unnatural if not for the reason that it takes hours to execute.

Diamond selects the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique, also known as the strip method, as it is more gentle on the individual hair follicles, which are very delicate. The less trauma to the delicate follicles that are being transplanted, the better the likelihood of success, says the researcher.

The Results

The upside is that recovery is as painless as it gets. Most patients recover within a day or two. After the first 10 days, the grafts will individually fall out and the regrowth cycle will begin. However, your new brows will not be apparent immediately. Teigens posts date from December to May.

Diamond advises that the transplanted follicles are expanding like the hair on your head would, hence her name. In a recent Instagram post, Teigen demonstrated her unusually long eyebrow hairs with the caption, this eyebrow procedure is a blessing and a curse. It's something to get used to.

What Are The Downsides of Living?

Diamond cautions that the sole risk is that you're not happy with your results. You'll be surprised at how many times we see every day for changes because the last provider didnt get it right. A further significant drawback is that the hair regrowth will not occur at the rate or density expected during your consultation appointment.

Is It Worth It?

Diamond says the cost of undergoing a eyebrow transplant depends on your location and the experience of the surgeon you choose. The results are permanent, so you don't have to wash it up every few months.

Is this a stretch? An eyebrow transplant might be your ideal therapy if you want longer, fluffier brows.

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