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A strongDM Raises $54m Series B Led by Tiger Global To Transform Secure Infrastructure Access Management

A strongDM Raises $54m Series B Led by Tiger Global To Transform Secure Infrastructure Access Management

BURLINGAME, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- -- May 15th, 2022 -- "BURLingAME - Californie, September 15, 2121." StrongDM The infrastructure access platform announced today it closed a 54 million Series B funding round led by the industry leading the finance firm., the infrastructure platform, today announced that it has closed the 54-million Series A funding loop - and Tiger Global StrongDM is an enterprise-grade platform that delivers secure infrastructure access to the businesss needs, while simultaneously providing end users with a product they love to use. It works with any infrastructure environment, legacy or multi-cloud.

The adoption of cloud, democratization of access, and the "right tool for the right job" pushed the complexity of infrastructure access management beyond human scale. The DevOps teams are stressed with daily demands of scaling, not just with security requirements. The problem is that the infrastructure access management was never designed for modern, heterogeneous environments.

StrongDM combines authentication, authorization, networking, and observability into one platform. It works with all resources past, present and future, while providing a fun user experience to administrators and end users alike. The result is that DevOps teams can deliver infrastructure access safely and securely on scale while embracing modern security and compliance requirements.

Since the emergence of a new world, if the development of technology is limited, the team must juggle security and access, often competing priorities. The developer experience has historically been ignored, and is why security products end up being shelfware," said Elizabeth Zalman, co-founder and CEO of strongDM. "This investment from Tiger Global, GV, and existing investors validates our vision to deliver infrastructure access that is easy, secure and works for every environment and enterprise."

StrongDM provides the following benefits:

  • Efficiently implement minimum-privilege and role-based access controls at scale scale.
  • Automate technical processes which improve productivity.
  • Enable DevOps to treat access as code, like infrastructure, as standard standards.
  • Ensure that access is locked down from the instance spin up to tear down.
  • StrongDM's net new audit log created by the auditer creates the test log. Audit readiness is out of the box with strongDM. All that. Protocol-aware proxy is a protocol-ware, proxy.
  • Easily deploy and scale infrastructure access controls across any diverse, hybrid, physical or multi-cloud environment.

The infrastructure needed to support Squarespace's global customer base is sophisticated. We often require our engineers to access various internal resources 24 hours a day," said John Colton, SVP of Engineering at Squarespace. We looked at privileged access management solutions, but needed one that worked for all our teamsSRE, Security and Compliance. With strongDM, we get a user experience that the technical staff enjoys and security controls that meet our business needs.

"Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries, still powered by diverse legacy technologies. Enterprises have used hardware appliances and VPNs to ensure compliance with industry standards. But that doesn't fit the needs of today's modern companies, and certainly not this one," said said Paul. "We don've got a business to go through, but it doesnt adapt to the demands of the Vivek Desai Vivveka, Vibash Dessa Viksi. "strongDM replaces point products and manual processes with automation and a phenomenal security posture. I can go to any healthcare organization in the United States, and tell them that the data layer security is on the same level with, most regulatory requirements. "

The cloud, the complexity and scale of the problem, is not the end of a long term solution. Companies can not just bring on savvy developers and developers, but it must be designed that way from Day one to Day 2. John Curtius The current security situation has shown this to be an example of this. "At the moment, the current situation in the world has demonstrated that this security is the most significant factor, a security threat has been shown. You must have it. We backed strongDM because they've seamlessly solved a massive enterprise problem with consumer-like usability."

StrongDM solves many problems for modern, remote-oriented developer teams by managing access to every piece of cloud infrastructure while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of security. As a developer, I was impressed with how quickly strongDM allows technical staff to be productive and how much their customers love the service. The team will set up new standards for infrastructure access management. "The new standard is the new one for the existing standard. Erik Nordlander General partner at, & at the poop. GVGV is the highest in the country. .

About strongDM StrongDM's infrastructure access platform provides every business with secure access controls in a way that people like to use. StrongDM is intentionally distributed. Trusted by the Fortune 500 to fast-growing companies like Peloton, SoFi, Chime, Yext and Better, strongDM gives businesses control and visibility they need at the speed they want LinkedIn ,. Twitter ,. Facebook ,. YouTube Rather or head to the nearest gym. Learn more.

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