Kate Middletons is back to it again, this time wearing $65 white sneakers

Kate Middletons is back to it again, this time wearing $65 white sneakers ...

Kate Middleton is known for combining premium designer items with more affordable items to create an aspirational but achievable wardrobe. For sportier, more casual occasions, the Duchess of Cambridge keeps her white Superga sneakers in her closet. How else would you explain how theyve remained so clean? yet, its still a joy to be able to purchase Kate Middleton's favorite white sneakers for under $65.

The duchess has at least one pair of Superga sneakers, which are available on a number of websites with a six-eyelet version of the $65 five-eyelet version. The only difference between the exact pair that Middleton wore to a sailing event in Plymouth, England, on Sunday, July 31, and the ones you can grab right now is the sixth eyelet.

If I'm honest, the eyelets have nothing to do with why I've become obsessed with this pair of sneakers every time the duchess steps out in them. I'd wager real money (of which I do not have excessive amounts) that even eagle-eyed followers of the royals would give you nothing but compliments if you showed up in a pair of five-eyelet Superga sneakers.

White sneakers are a summer must-have item, and believe me when I say I've worn my fair share of Converse, Keds, and Vans in my days. She's more of a formal heels type of person, but on rare occasions she does wear kicks, she makes sure they're cute.

Kate opted for a navy and white striped sweater with quarter-length sleeves, as well as her Supergas, and pair of $22 gold hoop earrings as her sapphire engagement ring.

Middleton wore her Supergas on a tour of ancient ruins in Belize for the first time.

Middleton wore her Supergas with a posh and preppy Ralph Lauren sweater, gold hoop earrings, and black casual slacks on her final day of her royal tour to Scotland in May 2021.

Natch decided to take a break from her sky-high heels and go for something a little less formal. I'm almost certain that she'll be starting the look from the top, though, because her sneakers are quite affordable. Like, under $70.

Kate Middletons' Favorite White Sneakers Where Can I Buy These?

The white-blouse-tan-pants-white-kicks combo is a wonderful summer outfit idea, and since the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic White Sneaker can be worn with anything, it's a must-have item for anyone's summer footwear collection. But Middleton's more formal, work-appropriate approach is equally as effective, if not more.

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While some of the Duchess' most memorable outfits are beyond the budgets of everyday people like me, her favourite sneakers are certainly affordable. Its a lovely reminder that money cannot buy you class, and even the finest of royals are attractive clothing finds.

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This article was first published on 05.20.19.

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