Because it's still summer, here are 40 Instagram captions and quotes from August

Because it's still summer, here are 40 Instagram captions and quotes from August ...

August has officially arrived, and there's still time left to make more memories in the sunshine before the summer comes to an end. After all, this wonderful season will be over. Instagram captions for August will help you remember those end-of-summer feelings.

Don't let your August be a four-week summer vacation of regretting that summer is coming. If you've made most of your summer to being a beach bum, you can still organize a weekend getaway to the lake, a themed pool party for your friends, or a solo road trip to your favorite summer destination.

Taylor Swift may be implying that August passed by in a moment in time, but you may also be embracing August in your posts at the beginning of the month. Simply think of how cute a plandid of you kicking up some waves at the beach will be with a few welcome August captions to accompany it. Summer isnt over yet quotes, because you have plenty of summer to enjoy.

When it comes to living your best life soaking up that vitamin D, you can make excellent use of it. Summer's outcome is up to you, and if you spend it wisely, it won't be all that bad when it comes time to say goodbye. So, grab your pool float, pose an Instagram-worthy pose, or any of these 40 August Instagram captions to welcome the final month of summer.

I don't know about you, but August remains an important chapter in Summer's novel. Don't flip the page before it starts getting better, because September may take longer.

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This article was originally published on 08.09.18.

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