Fans suspect Matt James is infiltrating Rachael Kirkconnell's pregnancy directly!

Fans suspect Matt James is infiltrating Rachael Kirkconnell's pregnancy directly! ...

Matt james, the former head of The Bachelor, is indirectly revealing the pregnancy of girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell by posting an Instagram ad with a baby car seat, according to fans.

Matt and Rachael traveled to Pennsylvania to find love on the 25th season of The Bachelor.

Matt and Rachael developed a strong connection after a brief period of time, which resulted in Rachael being awarded the final rose by Matt rather than the runner-up, Michelle Young.

Matt and Rachael Kirkconnell did not get engaged in the show, but ended the day leaving as a pair. Rachaels participation in racially offensive activities, such as a plantation party, was documented in a number of photographs that surfaced on the internet some time after she received the final rose.

When Matt James found out about it, the two of them broke up and were not together when the After the Final Rose ceremony was being shot.

Despite their difficulties, Matt and Rachael were able to overcome their fears and reconcile at some point in the future; their relationship has remained strong ever since.

Matt has stated that he believes that the two of them are able to maintain a so close friendship today because they maintain their distance from Bachelor Nation.

Matt may have inadvertently given some of his followers the impression that he and Rachael are planning to start a family after he merrily erected a baby car seat in his car at the conclusion of a recent Instagram post.

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Matt promotes the Nissan Altima by running it around town for various tasks while demonstrating how efficient it is.

Matt brought flowers back inside after he finished his errands, presumably with the intention of gifting them to Rachael.

Matt comes out grinning with a newborn car seat, which he installs just as the film comes to a close by fastening it.

In response to the question, many admirers were quick to offer their opinions. One fan account, The Bitchelorette, commented on the baby car seat??

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Others continued by declaring that they agreed with the first group's assessment, claiming that this was Matt's concealed method of possibly announcing Rachael's pregnancy.

Matt and Rachael were endorsed by a number of people, expressing their confidence that the two of them would make excellent parents.

The entire comment box was quickly filled with questions, including those related to the vehicle seat, unlike the rest of the film.

Despite the fact that many people were quick to anticipate that the woman might be pregnant as a result of the car seat, it is probable that this is just a routine part of the commercial.

Matt and Rachael will be joining a number of other Bachelor Nation actors who are already parents if the pregnancy turns out to be true.

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Tia Booth, who starred on season 22 of The Bachelor and on numerous seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, announced that she would have her first child with her husband, Taylor Mock.

Fans are however eager to learn whether or not Matt and Rachael's ad was a direct coincidence or a very indirect way to profess their expecting child.

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