Tiffany and Co. Unveils New $51,000 Apiece NFTs

Tiffany and Co. Unveils New $51,000 Apiece NFTs ...

Tiffany and Company, a luxury American jewelry company, plans to unveil a new non-fungible token, or NFT, collection this week, featuring virtual and physical pendants for owners of CryptoPunks.

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Each of the 250 NFTs will be valued at a price of 30 Ethereum (equivalent to over $51,000 at today's price). Tiffany & Co. offers a "bespoke pendant."

Chain, a blockchain business based in New York, has raised more than $40 million from Visa, Citigroup, Orange, and other investors.

The custom NFTs are just the latest Web3-related venture for the jeweler. Earlier this year, Tiffany and Company spent $380,000 on an Okapi NFT from the American artistTom Sachs, which it now uses as its default Twitter image.

After dismissing reports that it was forming its own cryptocurrency, the jeweler unveiled a limited-edition set of 499 gold TiffCoins, which were engraved. These extremely rare limited-release 18k gold coins are a modern version of our Tiffany Money and a testament to our history, according to the company. During the same month, the jewelryer also showed off a pendant that looked like CryptoPunk #3167, owned by the company's executive vice president of products and communications, Alexandre Ar

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