Wiz Khalifa wants to fight DJ during a live performance for playing his old music

Wiz Khalifa wants to fight DJ during a live performance for playing his old music ...

Since he entered mainstream music, Wiz Khalifa has made a name for himself. What we haven't seen much of from him is him confronting and shoving verbal jabs at people out of anger. Now, a new video doesn't paint him in the best light.

A video clip is streaming that shows the rapper see you again ranting against DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron. Khalifa is seen yelling at them in front of the audience. Wiz is said to be enraged by the fact that they didnt have any tracks from his latest album,Multiverse.

If you want to fight, n-gga we can do it. Yall n-ggs suck, dont hug me bitch. Play my new shit n-gga, play it n-gga, playBad Ass Bitches.Yall are terrible DJs.

Wiz's improper behavior has slammed the DJ community, who slammed him for his inappropriate behavior. The X-Ecutioners DJ took to Instagram and lambasted the rapper for his false entitlement. He declared that he would not allow Wiz to go away with this behavior, and he condoned it in a lengthy post.

DJ Platurn and DJ Swift both came across the tweet and shared their concerns. Platurn called Wiz a ludicrous person for forming such a scene. Swift reveals that Wiz's false sense of being superior reflects in his recent behavior.

Wiz has made numerous wise remarks about Hip-Hop and the genre's future, however this time he managed to put people off with his harsh words. What could have been a pleasant night for everyone turned nasty for the people at the club. Hopefully, this incident hasnt ruined the promotional events for Wiz's latest album.

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