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Alyi is developing a EV brand for America Built on Sales Somewhere Elsewhere

Alyi is developing a EV brand for America Built on Sales Somewhere Elsewhere

ALYI is a small, early-stage company that operates on establishing comprehensible, differentiated and comprehensive strategy for electric vehicles. It is the first to develop remarkable technology in the market for EVs The company announced a 2021-plus-year target from sales of its first electric motorcycles. The firm pursues over $200 billion in global EV market opportunities.

AlyI faces less competition as it introduces a different kind of electric vehicle into essentially slicker cylinder. Unlike major corporations, with the introduction of new electric cars and trucks, the competition is more competitive than the The sugar is less saturated. and They are much larger than they are. The market is booming.

The introduction of electric motorcycles into the global market in Africa is through the introduction in the United States of America of the Electric Vehicles (ALYI) in electric vehicle markets. The expansion plans will expand to new non-developed economic markets

Africa has one of the world's lowest per capita transportation ratios at 44 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants. The global average of 180 vehicles each 1,000 population is 180. US has 800 vehicles every 1,000 residents.

Were wenri-saturated:

So, while big-name companies race together to win, big name companies are a bit over one another. To replace the replacement, replace it. ALYI is relatively unopposed, otherwise positioned to be a single-handed power-use vehicle per 1,000 inhabitants with an electric alternative. AlyI, rather unaddressed, is reasonably suited to the The number of sales Between 44 and 100 or more per 1,000 inhabitants, the number of vehicles per thousand.

Of course, there is something much bigger:

The total number of automobiles sold worldwide is about the same as the number that is used for motorized 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles. The number is largely based on the different analysts' estimates, and this is the only way

The US and the United States of America are comparing motorcycles in the US.

Because of the global opportunity for electric motorcycles, Americans are accustomed to the fact that they live in a world of extreme economics. Because they are subject to monopoly, they're not able to get the requisite

American EV Brand Name For Developing Economies: A Changing Model For Electricity: a Getting Into Developed Countries: an American Automobile Corporation.

The U.S. has the most liquid investment market in the world with the highest capitalization. Thus, it's important to attract American investors. We want to establish the American brand name for EV sales into the developing economies.

Branding And The Battery: The Brand and the Battery.

ALYI has done continuous electric motorsports research and development over two years. The long story made short, with the risk of being over simplified - it's all about the battery.

A battery technology breakthrough that can carry a motorcycle for ten years, but only for limited distance, isn't on the horizon. Current battery technologies can make if he is able to use the batteries in deciding

A market exists for short commuter or lightweight electric bikes and scooters, which can serve the urban/commuter market. A solution of that type is feasible with existing battery technology. As mentioned earlier, this market opportunity is large, but not a U.S. market.

It's a pity of solitary urban bikes in the United States. The urban motorcycle market is driven by enthusiasts who choose motorcycles for the enjoyment of riding, not for their affordability. American motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for a ride on paved roads in comprehensible ways. They're choosing bikes for adrenaline pumping speed or eye-catching style and design. A larger bike that delivers speed and style can also house a bigger battery that can allow longer cruising ranges.

One Bike For Branding And One For Sale: One for the Brand and One in the Order.

So ALYI is developing a limited-edition electric motorcycle as part of its own project. So, the Alyi is building i-bike for electric vehicles for sale. Strategia for branding: a strategy for brand branding. In America, and developing a mass production, lightweight motorcycle designed and priced appropriately for the price of the same price and cost, the manufacturing company also developed specialized, custom-designed motorcycles and the cost of making the lightweight bikes, designed selling sell for sales sales a sales price. The urban environment is entering the economic environment.

The retro-revolt electric motorcycle is based on the BMW R71 WWII Era Motorcycle and is being used in North America. The Retro-Revolt Electric Motorcycle is part of ALYI's research and development initiative managed by MOD

AlyI is coordinating the design and production of a variety of lightweight urban commuting motorcycles with multiple manufacturers to enter commercial service later this year in Africa.

ALYI is a Alyi Branding is the brand name of the company. while focusing its EV on the U.S. as an Electric Vehicle (EV), rival, while also concentrating its efforts on a unified vSphere engine aimed at putting its reputation on its merits in the sales sales The efforts in Africa and the global global market sector are all working together.

Investing in the year 2021 at a time of $2 Million and 2022 Object:

Alyi recently announced a 2 Million Dollar Target for 2021 for revenue generated from the sales of its first electric motorcycles. The company pursues over $200 billion in global market opportunities.

Beyond Electric Motorcycles:

Yes, ALYI is entering the EV market with electric motorcycles, but the vision and business plan of AlyI are much bigger.

ALYI is building an entire Electric Vehicle Ecosystem (EV) that addresses the entire EV adoption environment from the perpetual design of best in class vehicles to the constant design and maintenance infrastructure that goes into the best-in-class vehicles;

This press release today is the first in a series of planned releases to provide shareholders and interested investors with more detail about the components of ALYI's global EV Ecosystem Business Strategy.

ALYI has designed its EV Ecosystem solution to include democratized participation. ALYI has partnered with ReovlttoKEN to finance Alyi's growth by offering participation in the EV ecosystem through the sale of Revolt Tokens.

For more information about RevoltTOKEN and how to participate in ALYI's electric vehicle ecosystem, visit

For more information and to keep up with the latest developments of ALYI, please visit our website. .

Avertments/Safe Harbor: This news release contains forward-looking statements as defined in the Securities Litigation Reform Act. The statements reflect the company's current views on future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Many risks include the expectation that any of the companies mentioned here will achieve significant sales, the failure to meet schedule or performance expectations of their contracts, companies' liquidity, new contract emergence, competitors with greater financial resources and competitive pricing impact. In light of this uncertainty, the forward-looking events referred to in this release may not occur.

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