Here's What Riverdale's Season 6 Finale Twist Means for Season 7

Here's What Riverdale's Season 6 Finale Twist Means for Season 7 ...

Everybody knew that Riverdale would go all-out with an unexpected new twist, and now we all know what that means for the final season.

This post contains spoilers for Riverdale's sixth season. The series emphasized on the town's residents developing powerful abilities, which they used to defeat a centuries-old sorcerer bent on taking over Riverdale.

As the last moments of the Season 6 finale have been confirmed, Riverdale will be returning to its roots in a much more unexpected way. Turns out, the side effects of Cheryl absorbing everyones powers and using them to destroy Baileys Comet were time travel and memory loss. Although the town was saved from destruction, it was restored to 1955, where somehow the entire gang has lost any memory of anything that happened.

Jughead isn't the only person in this new reality who remembers everything, so this retro Riverdale isn't a complete reboot, but it will certainly feel like a fresh start when Season 7 returns to the original Archie Comics.

And yes, there will be a slew of relationship shakeups as well. None of them are in relationships yet [in 1955 Riverdale], according to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa in a post-mortem Entertainment Weekly interview. So we can tell those first time stories the first kiss, the first crush, and the first heartbreak.

Season 7 has effectively been erased as Cheryl and Toni grow closer, Jughead and Tabithas get a glimpse into their future together, and Veronicas decides to leave Archie and go on her own. Some of the couples that are highlighted in the finale will continue, and there will also be new ones.

When Riverdales' seventh and final season arrives sometime in 2023, get ready for a blast from the past.

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