Season 1 of Good Morning Veronica Recap and Conclusion Explained

Season 1 of Good Morning Veronica Recap and Conclusion Explained ...

Veronica's Good Morning Overview

Good Morning Veronica is a Brazilian mystery-thriller TV series created by Raphael Montes that includes Taina Muller, Reynaldo Gianecchini, and Klara Castanho in the lead roles. The first episode of the series is set on the book by Raphael Montes and Ilana Casoy.

Season 1 of Good Morning Veronica Recap (No Spoiler)

Good Morning Veronica begins with a horrific suicide by a mysterious woman in front of police clerk Veronica Torres. The shock prompts Veronica to investigate further into the lives of several abused women who have one thing in common: a dating website called Ideal Love.

Janete, another woman whose horrifying marriage is out of a horror film, takes a stand against her husbands torture in order to expose the truth.

The police's inability to do anything to assist stop the perpetrator from killing women and keeping the streets safe lies in the background. Is it simply old-fashioned victim blaming and laziness?

What fate do Veronica and Janete have in store for them? Does Claudio get apprehended before it's too late? Does Janete survive the terrible situation?

Season 1 of Good Morning Veronica: Spoilers

Season 1 of Good Morning Vernica: What Happened?

What Happens When Veronica and Janete Meet?

Veronica, who is investigating the Ideal Love frauds and the abuse of women because of it, tells people over the news that they should contact her if they have been abused or want their voices to be heard. Janete, after a particularly bad night, contacts Veronica after watching the news, forming a bond with Janete, who supplies information on her husband's horrible acts as well as collecting evidence to end Claudio.


Veronica's backstory is more about her relationship with her father, the chief, and her father's friend Carvana, and how the conspiracy is far greater than what she could have imagined.

When Veronica was young her father shot and killed her mother before killing himself. Although he did not die, she had to bear the brunt of such a horrific crime. Years later, and now a mother of two herself, she is still unable to forget what happened.

Veronica confronts the police, including Carvana, who she claims to be her confidant, as she begins to investigate the Janetes case and bring Claudio to justice. She quickly realizes that there's more to her father and Claudios story than meets the eye.

Carvana realizes that there is a larger organization that has a hold on every position of power and has bought everyone off. They are the ones who protect men like Claudio for some reason and are making Carvana bury the truth. Furthermore, they are the ones who hurt her family when her father became too close to the truth.

Veronica sends her family away and tries to get deeper into the police system. From Anita's personal records, she discovers the name of an orphanage that is owned by the same mafia that are after everything and who train orphans from a young age in crucial roles in the system. Her father tried to dig too deep.

Veronica goes to Janetes' house and finds no one inside; she breaks in and begins digging through Janetes' items to discover more about Claudios' ranch and Janetes' location. Unfortunately, Carvana disappears.

Janete is a British actress.

Janete has been abducted and tortured for years on end and is a broken woman whose husband, Claudio, has taken over her life in the most horrifying way possible. He has isolated her and verbally and physically assaulted her in order to keep her obedient and tied to him. He dreams of having a son more than anything.

Janete is too mentally broken and afraid to strike anything against her husband due to the years of abuse, but after her sister, Nice, disappears after visiting her, she begins to keep an eye on her husband and collect evidence.

Janete finds it difficult to keep anything hidden from her husband. One night, out on a murder spree, Janete goes out of the box on her head and spy on her husband, doing some strange ritual and murder fetishes that are related to cults and religion. Claudio is likely to have a child, after which her desire to bring her husband's victims to justice grows stronger.

Janetes plans to hire another naive and adamant lady in need of a job, and soon she discovers that she is pregnant again. Scared for herself and her baby, she requests help from her sister, who refuses to interfere with her.

Claudio takes Janete to the basement and prepares another woman to murder. She mixes poison in the tea to slay his wife. Unfortunately, just as she tries to free her, Claudio arrives into the basement, as his grandmother dies from drinking the poisoned tea. Furious, he douses Janete with kerosene and burns her alive.

Season 1 of Good Morning Veronica's Ending

As Carvana is murdered by Claudio, Veronica, guilt-ridden at Janetes' death, burns Claudio to death in the same fashion, putting an end to him and his reign of terror. However, the police try to frame her for the murder, headed by Anita and the Commissioner, and Veronica, having no other choice, decides to fake her death and goes undercover into the mafia from the inside.

Veronica, working as a waiter at a restaurant, gives Gregorio Duarte, the Tinder Swindler character who started it all, a glass of poisoned wine. Duarte falls on the table, seemingly dead, as Veronica rides off into the night, filled with purpose.

Season 2 of Good Morning Veronica will be released on August 03.

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