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Vertosa announced an exclusive US Emulsion Partnership with State B Cannabis Beverage Co

Vertosa announced an exclusive US Emulsion Partnership with State B Cannabis Beverage Co

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- -- Oct. 15 - 20 21 -- PRIDAYSwire & OWNLAND Californie, Oct 15-27 Vertosa: Verttotosesa. Today announced its agreement with a science-first cannabis company that creates the best active ingredients for infused products. It is based on science's first cannabis project that makes the most effective and reliable ingredients available for use in fusion Brujera Elixirs Inc. State B Cannabis Beverage Co. by brujers Elixxiers Inca. . As a new cannabis user, the brand has the reputation of being the leading Canadian beverage company whose purpose is to bring wellness, relief and uplifting to the new and evolving cannabis users. Vertosa, State B's exclusive emulsion partner, helps the brand develop proprietary formulations for its CBD and THC-infused beverages. The announcement comes shortly after State B launched three new SKUs -- Resolve, Sparkle and Zing -- in California using vertosa's water-stable cannabis emulsions.

Vertosa's patent-pending emulsion offerings are eight times more bioavailable than conventional cannabis oils and offer a consistent user experience. Vertosa provides State B with effective and powerful, water-stable solutions that take effect in 15 minutes. Vertosa's GMP-certified and third-party tested emulsions are one of the most stable, compatible and versatile products on the market.

"We tasked Vertosa with helping us develop our new wellness beverage line with functional ingredients that help consumers reach a specific state of mind," said Kelly Woods, founder and chief executive officer of State B. "Vertosa provides a bioavailable emulsion for our beverages that helps us create delicious and consistent cannabis experiences for customers. We're proud to partner with a team whose commitment to science and the cannabis industry is unparalleled, and look forward to working together as we seek to expand our product offering.

"We're delighted to partner with State B, the exclusive U.S. emulsion provider," said Ben Larson, Chief Executive Officer of Vertosa. "State B has found a niche in the market where the Functional and Better-For-You category meets. In response to the pandemic, demand for healthy and natural beverages is rising rapidly, and we're looking forward to working with State B to further develop that growing product category.

State B beverages are formulated with varying ratios of THC and CBD combined with unique blends made of nootropics, adaptogenic herbs, botanical extracts and terpenes to create targeted experiences.

  • Resolve Blackberry Calamansi | 6mg THC & 4ml CBD: a clean bottle of the wine booze. To encourage creative, purposeful, productive mindset.
  • Sparkle Raspberry Yuzu | 5 mg each THC & CBD: The ashwagandha, damiana, passionflower, hibiscus and a beta-Caryophyllene enhances libido while reducing sociability and relaxation.
  • Zing Passionfruit Lime | 10mg THC: A blend of bacopa, gingko, green tea, sea buckthorn berry, turmeric and Myrcene will help improve memory, focus and alertness.

In the coming year, State B will expand its product portfolio with the launch of Elev, a non-cannabinoid beverage offering. In the rapidly growing cannabis market, State B's low-sugar, ready-to-drink beverages are used for a new kind of cannabis-infused beverage.

Vertosa has partnered with many mainstream brands including Vita Coco EU and Pabst, and its aqueous solutions are third-party tested for solvents, heavy metals and pesticides. For more information, please visit the website. .

State B is the subsidiary of Brujera Elixirs, Inc., a brand that also includes Boozewitch, founded by award-winning master mixologist, certified distiller, herbalist and somme To learn more, please visit our website. .

About Vertosa?

Vertosa is a science-first cannabis company that creates the most effective and reliable active ingredients for infused products. The patented emulsion and patent-pending systems are carefully designed for the needs of each customer, with pre-suspended solutions that create incredibly homogeneous and stable products, while maximizing bioavailability Vertosa works closely with its lab partners and brands of all sizes throughout the manufacturing process to achieve target potential and accelerate product sales. Learn more at and connect to Twitter and Instagram.

About Brujera Elixirs Inc.

Brujera Elixirs Inc. is an award-winning beverage brand, which prioritizes philanthropy, by contributing a portion of its profits to the Indigenous Legal Defence Fund. Brujera is a skydiving umbrella corporation with three brands in development. Kelly Ann Woods is the head of the formulator master, mixologist, sommelier and award-winning businesswoman. Brujera started Boozewitch, a line of sober-curious mixers for cocktails and mocktails, and followed up with State B Essence Elixirs - fusion of canna


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