5 Jewelry Trends You Will Not Want to Miss this Season

5 Jewelry Trends You Will Not Want to Miss this Season ...

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Both parties can agree that the finest outfits include some form of accessory. (And spoiler alert: theyll easily last through the autumn)

One of my favorite things about jewelry trends is that they arent as volatile as fashion trends. High-quality jewelry usually has sentimental value and often comes with a higher price tag. This means that jewelry trends will last for a longer time because people aren't willing to give up their favorite items.

I prefer to invest in everyday items like a simple gold chain, diamonds, or name initial ring, while enjoying less costly costume jewelry. I also believe that following your mom's fashion advice is beneficial. For example, my mom owns a gold coin jewelry set that she has worn for over 20 years.I always like it when she wears it, so I'd purchase a similar item.

The top jewelry trends this summer fall into the investment and trend categories. Chain link necklaces, sleek silver hoops, and floral jewelry all have incredible longevity. If they do tire out at any point, you know theyll always come back. On the other end, we have charm bracelets and initial necklaces. Both of these trends are meant to be personalized, making them great gift options.

Florals are an excellent example.

Florals are often associated with summer dresses or the tablescape at a dinner party, but the trend is sweeping over the accessories sphere. Floral earrings are especially having a moment and are a fun twist on the traditional look of tucking a flower behind your ear. The color goes well with statement earrings, flower-encrusted hoops, or bracelet charms.

Silver Hoops in Sleek Design

If you haven't noticed by now, all of the cool girls and guys are wearing silver hoops. Big or small, stacking or single, silver hoops are still the coolest thing you can wear in your ears (sorry Airpods).

Chain Link Necklaces

You're going to want to follow this jewelry trend in some way. Chain link necklaces are my go-to everyday accessory that I wear everyday that add subtle elegance to my outfitsandI don't have to take them on and off to sleep, shower, etc.

4.Initial Jewelry

The initial and name jewelry trend demonstrates it! A personalized name necklace, initial ring, or both is a fun way to make a this is me! statement. Whether it's your significant other, parent, or child's initials, adding a piece to your collection will keep them close to you throughout the day.

5.Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are now available for purchase. Display your niche interests, give a loved one a meaningful present, or mark a #twinning moment.

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