The Star Trek Family mourns Nichelle Nichols' death: Her light will continue shining

The Star Trek Family mourns Nichelle Nichols' death: Her light will continue shining ...

Nichelle Nichols, a Star Trekactress who died on Saturday (July 30), was confirmed by her son, Kyle Johnson, as the actress. Nichols was best known for playing Nyota Uhuru in the first Star Trekseries, and reprised the role in subsequent films.

Nichols' co-stars and admirers mourned her passing on Twitter shortly after the announcement of her passing. More of the Star Trek family followed suit.

Nichelle Nichols was the First Woman to navigate a very difficult terrain with grit, skill, and a beautiful fire that we are unlikely to see again.

May she Rest In Peace. #NichelleNichols

Nichelle Nichols, a pioneering, uncompromising woman who blazed the USS Enterprise's bridge with us as Lieutenant Uhura, died today at the age of 89. For today, my heart is heavy, my eyes are sparkling like the stars you now rest among.

Melissa Navia, who wrote the star of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and Nichelle Nichols Her light will continue to shine. Brighter and stronger than ever. The rest she has now received, and peace to her family. Can't wait for the celebration of her life that will come and all the stories that those who knew her best will tell.

Celia Rose Gooding, another Star Trek: Strange New Worlds star, shared, She made space for so many of us. She was the example that we can not only reach the stars, but that our influence is essential to their survival. #RIPNichelleNichols

Nichelle Nichols was a pioneer, an inspiration, and so much more. She will be greatly missed.

Nichols was mentioned by other people outside of the Star Trek franchise. In his twitter tribute to Nichols, Jason Alexander said, "My love for the original Star Trek is profound." Nichelle Nichols was a groundbreaker and a wonderful ambassador for her show, her role, and science throughout her life. May she have a wonderful adventure to the final frontier. #ripnichellenichols

W. Kamau Bell, the host of CNN's United Shades of America, has shared a clip from his series with a story about Nichols.

This has been a busy day.

Nichelle Nichols, Rest In Peace

Seth MacFarlane, the creative director of the Family Guy, paid a tribute to Nichols, praising her charm and charisma.

Nichelle Nichols was a pioneer. Her significance not only for science fiction but also for television as a whole cannot be overstated. Add to that the mountain of charm and magnetism she brought to the screen.

NASA sent a photo of Nichelle Nichols, a Star Trek actor, trailblazer, and role model, to her. She encouraged generations to strive for the stars.

Below, see more tributes to Nichols, including messages from Stacey Abrams, Colman Domingo, and others:

Nichelle, you will be greatly missed. Sending you much love and respect.

Nichelle Nichols, a champion, warrior, and outstanding actress, deserves to be honored on her list of greatest talents. May she always live among the stars. #RIPNichelle #Uhura

Nichelle Nichols told us that we belong in outer space. We are unlimited. The heavens have gained an Uhura today.

Nichelle Nichols, you influenced whole generations of Black girls. Your grace, quiet intelligence..YOUR presence was heard, felt, and accepted! Godspeed!!

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