Daniel Seavey's Home Is Snitched Into & Sleeps By A Fan Of Why Don't We

Daniel Seavey's Home Is Snitched Into & Sleeps By A Fan Of Why Don't We ...

Daniel Seavey is well-known as a member of the boy band Why Dont We. Like other similar bands, WDW has a large following of enthusiastic supporters who will do whatever it takes to support them. Recently, one of those devoted supporters went way too far.

According to TMZ, an obscenity fan recently broke into Daniel Seavey's house. The LAPD responded to the 23-year-old singers' house. Surveillance footage showed the woman standing outside his door holding flowers before things went wrong.

She climbed into Daniel's house through an unlocked door and tried on some of his clothes. When the fun fashion show came to an end, she climbed into his bed and fell asleep.

She woke up on Thursday morning and entered Daniels' kitchen. She was once again caught on video wearing his clothes and rummaging through his cabinets while listening to an Adele song.

Daniel Seavey was alarmed when he saw his phone the following morning. He immediately alerted LAPD. When officers arrived, she was apprehended and is believed to be mentally incapacitated.

The woman claimed that a tattoo on Daniels' arm of someone climbing through a window prompted her actions. No criminal charges have been filed at this time. They are expected to follow, and, fortunately, Seavey was not home for this unwanted visit.

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