Kephrii and Gale, two Twitch streamers, were fired after being accused of teaming in a $100k tournament

Kephrii and Gale, two Twitch streamers, were fired after being accused of teaming in a $100k tournam ...

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Individual players with high scores are vying for the grand prize because the point system for this competition is centered on individual skill rather than team triumphs.

1 Kill = 1 Point 1 Assist = 2 Points 1 Knife Kill = 5 Points

Gale scored three knife kills (15 points) on Kephrii, while Kephrii scored two knife kills (10 points) according to Jake Luckys' tweet. Many gamers were apprehensive of the two after this and previous killings.

A couple of players wanted to go, but would do so without being disqualified, thus the game went on.

Kephrii and Gale were caught collaborating on a $100,000 CSGO tournament.

Kephrii and Gale are accused of teaming and causing knife deaths to the other in a $100k CSGO tournament. This tournament is unique in that prize money is awarded individually based on points.

1 kill = 1 point1 knife killing = 5 points

The two streamers were spotted joining up during the Twitch ReadyUp CSGO Invitational on July 30, 2022. The charges against the duo began to surface on various social media sites after they were seen performing unauthorized activities throughout their game in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage.

The ReadyUp CSGO Invitational, organized by Twitch in partnership with Sonys INZONE gaming products, had slightly different rules.

The point system used in the tournament was a point system in which players and teams earned points for kills. For example, killing an opponent earned a player one point, while assisting earned them two points. In terms of points, knife kills were the most rewarding, with each knife kill winning a play five points.

Kephrii and Gale, two streamers who reportedly teamed up and fed each other knife kills, are said to have had an affair during the tournament.

Glad that blatant teaming and cheating is permitted in a 100k CS:GO tournament and that nothing is done about it.

The fact that two players could get five knife kills in such a short time, given that it is easy to hear someone sneaking up behind you, makes the case that Kephrii was not cheating. During the match, FACEIT began looking into whether Kephrii was cheating. When they looked at the supposed evidence, they found that Kephrii wasnt cheating.

Kephrii was later ejected out of the event because of controversies, despite making the decision.

It may seem unfair, but if he isnt cheating, his Counter-Strike skill level is too low for him to be in the tournament because he was a pinata for points.

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