Blink-182's Tom Delonge Teases That He Has Rejoined the Band!

Blink-182's Tom Delonge Teases That He Has Rejoined the Band! ...

Tom DeLonge has dropped hints that he may rejoin Blink-182 following the band's departure. Matt Skiba has admitted that he does not know whether or not he will remain a member of the band.

Following Tom's second departure from the band in 2015, the vocalist of Alkaline Trio, who is 46 years old, began touring with pop-punk veterans Mark Hoppus, 50, and Travis Barker, who is also 46 years old.

Tom left the band for the second time in the same year. He continued to perform with the band and contributed to the recording of two albums with them (California in 2016 and Nine in 2019).

Despite this, he did not appear on their song from 2020, Quarantine, which was released while the epidemic erupted.

Matt's selfie with no blink content was reacted to by a fan on Instagram, who said, "Your guess is as good as mine."

A monochrome photo of the Feeling This band members was added to the album caption.

The changes to his social life started shortly after it was announced that a Blink Funko Pop! The group would include Tom, the bands former co-leader.

The musician has been very vocal about his desire to reprise his role with the band in the near future. In addition, Mark stated that he was not opposed to the idea the year before.

He said, "We haven't really discussed that," but I'm open to anything in the future." (We haven't really talked about that.") When there are four of us involved, Im not sure how well it would go.

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When Mark was diagnosed with cancer, did you mean to state that you'd continue to rent the same house? In 2021, Tom, the vocalist for Angels and Airwaves, disclosed that he'd begun the process of healing his connection with Mark.

Tom DeLonge said: "The universe operates in a strange manner," since the reason I reached out to Mark was because I needed him to sign a document relating to my divorce.

Despite the fact, the way the universe operates is bizarre. I discovered that he had cancer the day after receiving the call. He then shared the news with me via the phone.

I was like, What? We weren't really communicating that much at all, maybe once every couple of months, just a few texts here and there, but it felt like we were.

But things have changed, and we now communicate several times a day. It appears as though we have been able to break down that bond completely and get down to the core of who each of us is as individuals as well as the purpose of all of this.

In September 2021, the singer was given the all-clear from cancer after undergoing chemotherapy for an aggressive form of lymphoma.

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