Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Sequel Has Been Confirmed for 2023

Tokyo Revengers Live-Action Sequel Has Been Confirmed for 2023 ...

The second film from Tokyo Revengers is getting a makeover, according to a new teaser, which highlights films from the first film. Fans are eagerly anticipating the second film, as of now.

The first Tokyo Revengers film was released in July 2021, and it moved the First Arc of Ken Wakuis manga, concluding with Takemichi returning to the present to meet Hinata Tachibana. This is likely to include a few new characters from the Valhalla arc as well as a segment from the Bloody Halloween arc.

Takumi Kitamura will be a regular visitor in the following months, according to the continuations announcement. Yusuke Urahime was as of late confirmed to play Yusuke Urahime in the live-action Yu Hakusho series adaptation. The Netflix show will launch in December 2023.

Takumi Kitamura plays the role of Takemichi Hanagaki, Ryo Yoshizawa plays as Manjiro Mikey Sano, Yuki Yamada plays the character Ken Draken Ryuguji in the film, Yosuke Sugino plays the role of Naoto Tachibana, Mio Imada as Hinata Tachibana, Hiroya Shimizu plays Shuji Hanma.

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Takemichi Hangaki's narrative first appeared as a manga series in 2017 by creator Ken Wakui, following an aimless youngster who is taken back into his high school days to save his previous lover from gang violence. The manga series reported that it had over 65 million copies available for use, with the second season of the anime expected to debut the following year.

Warner Bros Japan announced that Tokyo Revengers 2 will be released in Japanese cinemas in the coming year, developing the extraordinary time travel story. The first season of Tokyo Revengers is now available to stream on the streaming service Crunchyroll.

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