A Young Dolphs Fiancee Letters SlainRapper's Birthday

A Young Dolphs Fiancee Letters SlainRapper's Birthday ...

Adolph Young Dolph Thornton, Jr., was passed away on Wednesday (July 27), marking his 37th birthday. His fiancee Mia Jaye read a heartfelt letter in an Instagram video to the late love of her life.

I can attest to Bill Spences' assertion that grief is really love with nowhere to go; Jaye captioned her tribute video featuring her and her children. It's the essence of all the love you want to express, but can't keep it bottled up inside.

So yesterday, tomorrow, and especially today, my family and I will remember him affectionately as Daddy in our house and Dolph to the rest of the world [blue heart emoji].

Jaye talked about his father's death and the development of their children in the letter. She thanked Dolph for allowing her to experience genuine soul-tying love.

Mia Jaye, a young dolph, and her husband Tre met in Memphis, and the couple welcomed their second son, Tre, in 2017. In 2017, their daughter Ari, was born. Mia, who has always referred to Dolph as her soulmate, has always been open about her love for him and the family theyve created.

Young Dolph was shot and died on November 17, 2021, while on a visit to Makedas Homemade Cookies in Memphis. Since then, Mia has taken steps to advocate for victims and families who have been affected by senseless crimes. She launched the campaign Black Men Deserve to Grow Old in 2020.

Below is a sample of Mia Jaye's open letter to her late boyfriend.

Adolph, thank you.

This is the year when our favorite numbers come together. Three and seven. This is also the first year we have had the chance to honor you together. Over the past eight months, life has been strange. My family is blemished and I, Tre and Ari cant go a day without reminiscing how wonderful life was with you. Ari tells everyone how amazing her dad was and how much he loved his chocolate baby.

Dad, I love you. Make sure you have a wonderful birthday. Love, your chocolate baby.

Tre is transforming into that special young man who always spoke of him as he became. He loves you in every way, and most days, I feel like he is the reincarnated version of you.

Thank you for allowing me to be your son. I am attempting my best to be a good brother. Amen.

The load on me is so great. I miss everything about us and all that we shared. I wish I could turn back time or do anything to continue to see you in person, but I push aside all the heavy and emotional thoughts and concentrate on all the possibilities I can honor, acknowledge, and make you proud.

I am eternally grateful to you for allowing me to experience genuine soul-tied love for as long as we did. Happy birthday, my love.


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