Joyner Lucas is a master of our generation, as Bobby Shmurda Dubs

Joyner Lucas is a master of our generation, as Bobby Shmurda Dubs ...

Bobby Shmurda has enjoyed returning to the Hip-Hop scene. Joyner Lucas is doing the genre a disservice, especially since, according to Bobby, Lucas is a modern-day Master P.

The Brooklynite appeared on the Party Starterspodcast and discussed Lucas' independent artist status. Shmurda said the rapper is making more money than the top five rappers out right now. The rapper addressed the industry's intention to exclude Joyner from the Hip-Hop conversation.

The thing that I hate about the business is that they dont talk about Joyner Lucas. Why do we not talk about him? asked Bobby as he looked around the room at the podcast hosts.

Bobby continued his point by revealing how much money Lucas makes from his job as an independent artist, despite being constantly excluded from the top five debates and festival lineups.

But you know how crazy it is, he's making more money than the top five artists, as I just said he's making quarter, three-four hundred a month, the Shmoney rapper said. Easy, sitting down. He got more money than the biggest rappers ni**as talk about. But the fame and the money, that's what I'm not giving a f**k about popularity.

Lucas was dubbed the Master P of our generation for his ability to make $250K per month as an independent artist shortly after Shmurda. The video of the interview was shared on Instagram by Lucas and Bobby.

For years, I've told Google to boost my net worth. He wrote in his caption, "I'm still 3 million."

Bobby Shmurda isn't the first person to declare independence. He's released himself from Epic Records, established GS9 Records, and released his upcoming album, Badboy.

WatchThe Party Starterspodcast episode in its entirety here.

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