In a new Lil Kim-inspired video, King Combs and Kodak Black Cant Stop

In a new Lil Kim-inspired video, King Combs and Kodak Black Cant Stop ...

King Combs wants to keep the Bad Boy legacy alive. And the music video for his latest single, Cant Stop, featuring Kodak Black, proves he's not giving up on his desire to carry the mantle.

The songs visual is inspired by BenMarc and pays tribute to Lil Kim's iconic 1997 video for Crush on You. King Combs and Kodak Black move throughout multiple scenes of a party where they vibe with women, and Diddy bop with the kind of finesse that would make Sean Combs proud.

The rappers deliver laidback verses that blend seamlessly into the song's musical foundation. King Combs spits with confidence similar to Bad Boys' classic 1, 2 punchDiddy and Ma$e.

I just say Guapanese, it's my language/ I just put some Cartiers on my main bi**h/ On the Beat-produced track, Valentino rhymes over Rippa/ Yellin out the window, money aint a thing/ Yeah, we're outside again/ Brand new Cullinan, that's what we slidin in.

Combs took to Instagram to promote his song, and in the process, he became Cant Stop 2022's official song of the summer.

Ayo, listen, I don't want to hear anything about the song of the summer this or the song of the summer that, man, the Cyncerely, C3 artist proclaimed in the 19-second clip. Me and Kodak just sh*tted. Yoush*tting me?

During the second weekend in July, Kodak Black and King Combs performed their songs live for the first time.

Watch the above video about Cant Stop.

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