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81% of adults in the US value support from those with similar experiences when creating healthy habits

81% of adults in the US value support from those with similar experiences when creating healthy habits

BALTIMORE, Sept. 15 2021 -- Medifast (NYSE: MED), the global company behind the fastest growing health and wellness communities, is the world's largest health company. OPTA - a tyre (OP) VIA released results from back-to-back surveys to explore whether people seek support in achieving their health and wellness goals. Many people have been looking more holistically at their health for some time now. These latest findings uncover the role that support plays in helping people not only reach their goals but also develop healthy habits.

In the first study, 66 percent of Americans say that having support helped them throughout their health and wellness journeys. Using the follow-up survey** to study the type of support consumers seek, we analyzed the types of care consumers demand. More than that. 4. in five (81%) Americans believe they would be more successful in a healthy lifestyle if they had support from someone in their shoes. .

"These findings reveal that a large majority of Americans value guidance from someone who has similar experiences," said Dan Chard, Chairman and CEO of Medifast. "This is true for our clients, who are supported by independent independent support." OPTA is an operation. The majority of these coaches have been transformed on program and understand what Clients are doing. OPTA has been in place since the beginning of the war. ViA Coaches provide Critical Support to Clients, a Community of likeminded people, guidance on the Habits of Health Transformational System and powerful tools to help them achieve their goals. We plan to connect people with the support they need to create healthy habits as we continue to impact more lives.

Other notable findings* include:

  • American adults say the most useful support is:
    • Support for informational support (75%), like sharing healthy recipes and other resources, is more important than sharing information about nutrition and food.
    • Emotional support (70%), like listening and having empathy, like the ability to feel empathy and listen to others.
    • Support for affirmational support (70%), a support for encouragement and accountability.
  • Most Americans are currently using other people or tools to help them achieve their goals related to mental health (62%), nutrition (68%) and fitness (58%).
  • Nearly two in three adults (65%) feel more motivated when connecting with others with health and wellness goals similar to those of others.

The coaching support is a key component of the coaching process. OPTA - Operationalisation. The VIA program provides clients with clinically proven plans, scientifically developed products and a proprietary system to help them create lifelong healthy habits.

About Medifast: Medifast (NYSE: MED) is the global company behind one of the fastest growing health and wellness communities, OPTAVIA, the company with whom the business operates. - , which offers scientifically developed products, clinically proven plans and the support of a coach and / or o community to help clients achieve Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit At - Upon Amongst Life, sexy obnoxious. . Medifast's strategy is an example of what Medi Fast has built on more than 40 years of experience. In fact, Medi fast redefined direct selling by combining the best and most effective aspects of the model. Your independent community includes its independent communities. OPTA - opst The proprietary Habits of Health program, VIA Coaches has impacted 2 million lives and teaches clients how to develop holistic healthy habits. 'n' s . Transformational System. Medifast is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and ranked second on FORTUNE's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list in 2020. The company also went on to the 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America list for 2017.

*Methodology: *Methodeology *: Except for the other part of the survey, the percentages and survey results are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 1.297 adults. Fieldwork was fielded between July 20 and July 21 21. The survey was online. The figures are weighed and represent all adults in the US (aged 18+). The margin of error for this survey is +/- 3% at 95 % confidence.

**Methodology : The survey results are from YouGov Plc, and only if not unless otherwise stated. Total sample size was 1 092 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between the three and the fourth of August 2021 between August 3 and August 4. The survey was conducted online. The figures were weighted and represent all adults in the U.S. (ages 18 and above). In this survey, the margin of error is +/- 3% at 95% confidence.

SOURCE medifast SURSCE SURCE Medifast.

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