Is Kenan Thompson on his way out and about after Season 50 of Saturday Night Live?

Is Kenan Thompson on his way out and about after Season 50 of Saturday Night Live? ...

Kenan Thompson, a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy series since 2003, believes that limiting it to 50 years might not be a bad move.

Kenan Thompson, the host of Saturday Night Live, has suggested that if producer Lorne Michaels resigns, he might withdraw from the program. According to reports, the programme would be phased out after its 50th season because Mr. Lorne Michaels will not be presenting it again after turning 80.

Michaels has been the head of Saturday Night Live since its inception, with the exception of a five-year span in the 1980s. Thompson added, That rumour might have a lot of merit. He will most likely be almost 80 by then, and you know, he is the one who has had an influence on everything. Therefore, if [NBC] cuts the budget, you wont be able to produce the same kind of show.

Because of these limitations, it's unfair to witness it essentially burn to the ground. It might not be a bad idea to cap it at 50, according to Thompson. I want to continue to produce this program (SNL) until its 50th anniversary, which will be in three years, but I don't want it to be subpar. Im too invested in it. I'll therefore make every effort to ensure that it continues.

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