Reactions to Big Mouth Episode 2: Twitter Appreciates Chang-ho and Mi-hos Romance!

Reactions to Big Mouth Episode 2: Twitter Appreciates Chang-ho and Mi-hos Romance! ...

Overview of the Big Mouth

Big Mouth() is a Korean crime-thriller-mystery TV series directed by Oh Choong-hwan that includes Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, Kim Joo-hun, and Yang Kyung-won, as well as other cast members. The series takes over MBCs Friday-Saturday 10 PM KST time slot, previously occupied byDoctor Lawyer.

Park Chang-ho, a below-average lawyer, is implicated in a conspiracy when his big mouth puts him in hot water, leading him to be dubbed Big Mouse, a genius swindler, and he must free his name and his life from the conspiracy and its conclusions, with the help of his wife Ko Mi-ho.

Recap of Episode 2 of Big Mouth

Chang-ho is subjected to harsh treatment from the other inmates after he almost died when the media touts him to be the famous criminal Big Mouse. Meanwhile, Mi-ho begins to take drastic steps to help her husband and bring justice.

Reactions, memes, and tons of love to Big Mouth Episode 2.

changhos's grievance on his letter for miho was the most heartbreaking, since meeting you was my life's greatest gift. i was concerned you would reject my confession that day, thank you for accepting me. i wanted to make you happy. #bigmouthep2 #

THE IM YOONA. #BigMouthEp2

LEE JONG SUK'S RANGE #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2

Miho was always on my side in difficult situations, and she always trusts him more than anyone else. #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2 I love their friendship so much.

changho is so enraged for his wife #LeeJongSuk #YoonA#BigMouth #BigMouthEp2

The love story of Go Miho and Park Changho is a couple goals material, they are always there for each other in every step of their lives #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2

Jongsuk's villainy isn't something you'd want to emphasize, but he can be terrifying #LeeJongSuk #BigMouthEp2

This picture is just so funny #BigMouthEp2 #BigMouth # #LeeJongSuk #YoonA

This is sending me lee joon gi moon chae won flower of evil vibes. more than love, it's the bond, support, dedication, and trust in each other. you're going to miss this one. follow us on twitter @UNfmKK4m3z on your journey.

#BigMouth #BigMouthEp2 #Yoona #LeeJongSuk Our hoho couple #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2 #Yoona #LeeJongSuk

Honey, remember to include your family when you see her and hear of this, he burst into tears. #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2 #YOONA #LEEJONGSUK #

They entertained us throughout the episode, whether it be a romantic, painful, or thrilling moment. #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2 #YOONA #LEEJONGSUK #

Yes, but I love the mystery behind who's the criminal 'big mouse,' the thrill, the way they present the humor, and the Changho and Miho flashbacks! Now in love with Big Mouth #BigMouth #BigMouthEp2

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