When, Where, and How to Watch Hunted Episode 1

When, Where, and How to Watch Hunted Episode 1 ...

Overview of the Series

Hunted (Wild Boar Hunting/) is a Korean mystery drama series directed by Song Yeon-hwa, which consists of Park Ho-san, Kim Soo-jin, and Ye Soo-jung in the lead roles.

The narrative follows the villagers of a remote village during boar hunting season. Filled with people with shocking past stories, all hell breaks loose when one hunting day, individuals begin to disappear. Is it someone from the village who is perpetrating these crimes? Or is there more to the tale than meets the eye?

Hunted Season 1 Preview

The Hunted Plot

The show's brief description begins with a father's unimaginable fear that he might have murdered his own child. His heart becomes a terrible action, another terrible action is assumed by someone else, and his heart becomes another terrible action. What do we do in the face of anxiety, whether you will deny it, or will you create another monster? This drama is a self-portrait for all of us who can become monsters at any moment, not for those who have already become monsters.

The Hunted Plot

Park Ho-san, Kim Soo-jin, Ye Soo-jung, Lee Hyo-je, Lee Min-jae, Lee Gyu-hoe, and Lee Ji-won are among the cast members of the show.

Hunted Wildlife Where to Find It

The series will be available on MBC.

The Hunted Episode List

The show will have four episodes and will be streamed every week on Monday.

Release Date and Time of Hunted

At 10.30 PM, the mystery-thriller series will be available on MBC from August 1, 2022, to August 9, 2022. Episode 1 of Hunted will be available on August 1st.

Predictions for Hunted Episode 1

Young-soo's hunting expedition goes horribly wrong when something unexpectedly terrible happens. When his son In-sung does not return at night, the worry turns into something more.

From August 1, Hunted will be available on MBC.

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