Black Adam from Dwayne Johnson has just appeared in DC's latest superhero film (Photo)

Black Adam from Dwayne Johnson has just appeared in DC's latest superhero film (Photo) ...

Dwayne Johnson is the most vocal voice in the DC Extended Universe. Ironically, the star hasnt even had his own film yet. His character, Black Adam, has his own film planned for later this year.

Before that, however, Hell will be leading another outing: DCs League of Super Pets. The Rock voice Krypto, Supermans dog, as he is forced into action to save the world from a threat that even the Justice League cant defeat.

Fans around the world seemed to be enjoying the experience, though fans were undoubtedly surprised when it came time to pre-credits tease the films. While Johnson may have led the fun animal adventure as Krypto, in the movie's closing minutes, viewers got to see the actors' favorite anti-hero hit the screen a little early.

Black Adam Gets a Cameo

League of Super Pets, a DC film, has finally hit theaters across the world. Dwayne Johnson plays Krypto, Superman's canine companion, as he's forced into action to save his master's life and potentially the world.

While fans are raving about the film, it's the post-credits sequence that's gotten the attention of fans. In fact, the star of the film has now made an Instagram post highlighting the new animal in the dog house, Black Adam.

Black Adam visits John Krasinski's Superman while he's playing with Krypto in the upcoming Black Adamlive-action film. The back of the anti-hero bears a clear resemblance to the character in the next film.

While then focusing on Black Adam's role as Superman in the dog park, the actor thanked supporters for making Super Pets the #1 film [in America] [in his article].

"THANK YOU for making SUPER PETS the number 1MOVIE, but did you stay till the very end of the credits...You guys already understand how I feel about SUPERMAN vs BLACK ADAM... the Indestructible Force meets the Immovable Object."

Fans probably weren't expecting to meet Anubis, who Johnson described as "the worst, meanest, antihero caninewalkin' [on] God's green earth."

"With the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE we had an opportunity to flesh out this amazing animated universe in a big, fun, and cool way...So three-ishTeremanas later I came up with an end credits idea allow me to introduce the baddest, meanest, antihero canine walking [on] Gods green earth. ANUBIS...Complete with his new favorite toy - squeezy Bruce Batman..."

The Rock outlined how "they have huge plans to expand both the Black Adam DC Universe and the DC Super Pets Universe," which was the focus of a social media post.

"We have significant plans to build out the BLACK ADAM DC UNIVERSE and now the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE with our partners Warner Bros. and DC Comics," says Seven Bucks Productions. "Super PETS & BLACK ADAM is just the beginning."

The DC Pet Universe's Hierarchy Is About to Change

Although fans have long wanted to see Black Adam and Superman star together, this probably wasn't what many were anticipating. It's almost a shame it had to take place first in DCs League of Super Pets.

If Adams dog Anubis is ever going to play a significant role in an animated film, it's almost certain that Dwayne Johnson will reprise three different roles in the same film.

It's nice to see The Rock explicitly discuss the possibility of combining Black Adam with Superman. It at least shows that the idea is on his mind and may turn into a live-action film someday.

Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavil discussing Zachary Levis' upcoming film, one has to wonder why general people prefer to see him face Superman more than they do his arch-nemesis Shazam. However, given recent interviews with the director of Zachary Levis' next film, it appears to be closer to reality than Billy Batson taking on the big bad anti-hero any time soon.

League of Super Petsis is now playing in cinemas around the world, Black Adam will be released on October 21 later this year, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods will be released on December 21.

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