400 women are urging for employee safety in anti-abortion states, including Issa Rae and Ava DuVernay

400 women are urging for employee safety in anti-abortion states, including Issa Rae and Ava DuVerna ...

Following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, over 400 women TV writers, showrunners, and creatives have joined together to write a letter to media networks and platforms companies.

The letter urges that firms establish protocols that will not only protect their pregnant women employees, but also provide assistance for those who may have to travel outside of anti-abortion countries to undergo the procedure. Networks and platforms include Netflix, Disney, Apple, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Paramount, Amazon, Lionsgate, AMC, and Discovery.

Ava DuVernay, Ashley Nicole Black, Mara Brock Akil, Katori Hall, Regina Hicks, Erika L. Johnson, Courtney A. Kemp, Tracy Oliver, Issa Rae, Shonda Rhimes, Janine Sherman Barrois, Lena Waithe, among others.

The letter further calls for the companies to stop making political donations to anti-abortion candidates and political committees.

The collective has given the companies 10 days to act. A company has issued a formal reply or public statement regarding procedures within their company. Read the letter in its entirety below.

The American Heart Association (HAA) is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom.

We, the undersigned, are 411 show creators, showrunners, and head writers who currently work across every network and streaming platform in the industry today, including those controlled by Netflix.

We have deep concerns about the lack of specific production procedures in place to protect Netflix employees in anti-abortion countries. This situation highlights fundamental issues of equality, health, and safety at work. Many of us would not have the careers and families we have today if we had not been granted the freedom to choose what was best for ourselves.

Any pregnant person who is collaborating on a piece of your productions in a state that has criminalized abortion is at great danger. It is critical that Netflix recognizes these dangers and has comprehensive solutions in place. The purpose of this letter is to examine your current safety practices and safeguards on this vital subject, and whether or not we will continue to work in these high-risk situations.

We expect that your current abortion safety plan will be reviewed in ten business days, including but not limited to:

Policies and procedures governing the use of abortion for your employees, including specific information on how the employees' medical privacy will be protected while working for Netflix. Policy governing criminal and civil legal protection, including indemnification and defense against liability, for any member of a production who assists or provides Netflixs policy information and guidelines to an employee seeking an abortion.

Your immediate written response is required and expected within ten business days of July 28th, 2022, and we welcome the opportunity to review the written response with your company representatives if you wish.

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