Season 6 of Riverdale Showrunner Time Travel Twist, the final season

Season 6 of Riverdale Showrunner Time Travel Twist, the final season ...

Are you ready to go back in time? After a season that saw the town ofRiverdale face down an immortal sorcerer, the cast all get superpowers, and a dramatic musical showdown with a comet (really), the greatest twist was saved for the last. Thanks in part to Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) absorbing everyone else's powers, the town ofRiverdale has been sent back to 1955. Specifically, October 1, 1955, the day after James

While WhenRiverdale will return for its seventh and final season in 2023, the show you know and love continues to be relevant.

According to Decider, the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa believes that it isn't a difficult, complete break from what has come before. Jughead remembers everything that happened. And I believe that our characters, whether conscious or not, have an emotional reaction to what they've gone through.

The time twist was by no means the only big event on the episode, so go for a wild ride. Cheryl made a deal with her ancestor Abigail (also Petsch) to let Abigail's lover Thomasina (also Morgan) inhabit her body for a night of passionate love-making. And thanks to this bizarre body-switch, fan-favorite couple Choni (aka Cheryl and Toni) may have been resurrected.

Jughead and Tabitha Tate (Erinn Westbrook) spent their final precious hours on Earth watchingTitanic, followed by an emotional date at Pops that allowed them to live their lives in a single moment due to Tabithas time-travel abilities. Veronica (Camila Mendes) reconnected with Reggie Mantle (Charles Melton) but only as friends, before figuring out how to pass everyone else's powers to Cheryl. And Fangs (Drew Ray

Archie (KJ Apa) proposed to Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) after initially refusing to accept the proposal; but she later accepted and asked Archie to marry her, right back. Although when we see them next, Archie is in high school and Betty is sobbing over Dean.

As with every episode of Riverdale, the process is lengthy. And while the writers will not return to work on the seventh season until this week (Editors Note: this interview was conducted last week), here's a look back at some of the bigger moments from the finale, as well as how the show's return to 1955 will affect the final season.

Decider: Looking back on the season, this was a major shift for Riverdale. What was it like to play around in this supernatural/superhero world?

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa: I like the genre, and Ive always loved the Super-Teens. So it was a big swing. We all wanted to continue doing it, and we just went for it. It's like The Stand or The Talisman or one of the big Stephen King mythic epic stories. So no, Im feeling good about it.

Before you learned that season seven would be the last one, you suggested something else, which we now know as the time travel twist. Are you able to state what that other, quieter idea was, or is it still in play?

The story ended with Cheryl halting the comet and everyone losing their powers, and most of the characters survived. A couple did survive. Im not even sure what the date is in Riverdale, and whether or not it will be more of an elegy sort of ending. And then we were thinking about what we would like to do next.

My guess based on Sabrina a couple of episodes back that something might be wrong with the people Cheryl resurrected was that we were heading towards Afterlife With ArchieWas that on the table at any point?

Afterlife With Archie has been discussed since the show was released. And listen, it's so dear to John Goldwaters heart. It's something we'd absolutely love to do, for whatever reason. They always think of Archie as frozen in time, and every time we do an episode that features kids in their 50s outfits, everyone is blown away by that. It's the Americana, the innocence of it. It's just seemed a little bit more appropriate to do the 1950s.

Is this a complete rebuild? Is this a complete reset? How much of what used to happen with these characters in the previous six seasons will affect the next story?

I will say, we will not start in the [writers] room until next week. But it is not a hard, complete break from what has been previously. Jughead knows everything. And I think our characters, whether they are conscious or not, have an emotional memory of what theyve gone through. So it is again, and I tried to say this after the Rivervale event, Rivervale is in continuity. It is not five episodes that exist outside of continuity. I think everyone understood that Season 7 is not the start of

Jabitha, Barchie, and Choni are all mentioned in the finale, as well as Veronica and Reggie as friends. Is this a possibility that the couples will slowly reconnect? Or, since you haven't begun writing yet: TBD?

What should I say about this? Some of the couples highlighted in the finale will continue. Some will evolve into new things, and there will be new. There will also be new pairings, for sure.

Let's talk about some of this later in this episode. How difficult was it to rekindle the Cheryl and Tonis bond without having them cheat?

[Laughs] That was definitely a challenge. And there's no denying the power of Choni. And there's no denying the chemistry between Mads and Vanessa and those characters. But the journey was like, Ooh, how do we do that? And what we kind of landed on in the writers room is the idea that Cheryl and Toni are somehow soulmates. And I can assure you that we'll see more of Choni in Season 7.

The date montage between Tabitha and Jughead, where they lived out their entire lives in some way similar to those first five minutes of Up, was fantastic. What went into constructing that sequence?

Jughead and Tabitha This season has kind of been a big romance. And as we were figuring out the stories for the final episode, we really wanted Jughead and Tabitha to be romantic. It's so simple, but powerful. We wanted to have an epic, romantic moment for them.

Archie proposes to Betty then Betty proposes to Archie. This has obviously been a long time coming; six seasons in a row. What was it like getting to this point?

Weve certainly been teasing it. We obviously know in the past that a young Archie proposed to Betty, and Betty said ask me again when she was 18 years old, and they are still in their twenties. We never want the guys to save the girls, because if Betty is in trouble, we don't want Archie to save her. Veronica is in trouble, we don't want Archie to save her. We want Betty to get to a position where she is willing to

I've already mentioned this a bit, but I'll continue to ask just to be explicit about it. For fans of Varchie and Bughead, is that the case at this point? Or does the time travel twist throw everything in flux? Is there any chance that those romances would return in Season 7?

Ooh! That's a good question. I think I have to reiterate that Season 7 will be renewed. Stay tuned for Season 7.

It's all right! Kevin has had a steady relationship with Moose in the second half of the season, which has been lovely to see. Should we expect more of this, or does re-running it back to 1955 complicate things for the LGBTQ+ characters in the cast?

One of the things that we talked a lot about was: wow, all of our queer characters are going to be very closeted in the 50s. How do we go back and deal with Euphoria problems in the 1950s, or Euphoria realities in the 50s? That's one of the most exciting stories for us.

Are you intending to remain in the 50s all season long, or might there be some sort of time-skipping going on? Or do you not know yet?

I will say, on the last day of shooting, Lili [Reinhart] was like, Were we going to be here for a while? And im like, Yep, we are gonna be here for a while. So, I will say it's not going to be one and done.

Although some of these news items are probably still unreleased, I was curious if there will be any cast changes next season? Will Big Baby Anthony come back and attend high school with his parents? What can we anticipate?

My hope for Season 7 is that some people we haven't seen in Riverdale come back. That's our hope. That Season 7, which is our wan song, will bring people back to Riverdale in decent, juicy story arcs. That's how I hope, again, that people we haven't seen will return.

My only request I'll put out there is, and I'm hoping FP comes back for Alice towards the end of the season.

Skeet [Ulrich] would be great, and I trust everyone would, so my hope is that we can accomplish that goal this season.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

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