Missy Elliott Will Be A Guest Star On Cartoon Networks Craig Of TheCreek

Missy Elliott Will Be A Guest Star On Cartoon Networks Craig Of TheCreek ...

Craig of the Creek will feature Missy Elliott, who was a star of Cartoon Networks. According to Deadline, she will guest star as Carla Frazier, the 1989 Double Dutch Champion and opponent to the main character Craig's mother, Nicole.

Craig takes a group of Creek children to a double dutch jump rope competition, even though he has no clue how to play the rhythmic game in the episode.

During the third season of the Craig of the Creek series, the Supa Dupa Fly pioneer was able to bring a fictional character to life.

Nicole dressed up as Missy Elliott from the The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) music video in the animated series Trick or Creek.

Missy Elliott tweeted in response to a viral video teasing the episode, in which the character repeats Trick or treat on, in the manner of the Elliotts Get Ur Freak On chorus.

I'm so humblely grateful??

Craig of the Creek was renewed for a fifth season in January as a preschool spinoff series,Jessicas Big Little World, and an original animated film, Craig of the Creek: The Movie. The film as well as season five are planned to premiere in 2023.

Craig of the Creek has become an instant popular item among viewers, capturing the joy of being a kid while also conveying the humor and passion of family life, according to Amy Friedman, Warner Bros. head of Kids & Family programming.

Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, Emmy-nominated screenwriters for Craig of the Creek and Craig of the Creek: The Movie, produced and co-createdJessicas Big Little World.Jessicas Big Little Worldis is executive produced and co-created by former Craig of the Creeksupervising director, Tiffany Ford.

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