Mary J. Blige Discusses Her Legacy and More About Apple Music LivePerformance Before She Dies

Mary J. Blige Discusses Her Legacy and More About Apple Music LivePerformance Before She Dies ...

Mary J. Blige took viewers on a musical journey with her live band during her Apple Music Live performance in New York City, which is now available for streaming only on the streaming platform. Various tracks include Im Going Down, Love Is All We Need, and Real Love.

Apple Musics Nadeska spoke with the singer ahead of the broadcast on a variety of topics, including how she curated the dynamic setlist, how her 1991 single You Remind Me shaped her life, and what it means for the Icon to be considered a North Star for female R&B performers of today.

Ive been touring and doing shows for years now, so I know what the fans want to hear from each album. So, you knowclassics you cant lose with that, she explained about her setlist. It's gonna be fun, but it's gonna be crazy. You've got to incorporate the classics, give them some new, give them some time to recuperate, and go home.

Mary talked about when she was young: she used to be irritated and aversionate about performing. She now enters the stage with the conviction that she'll do my best, whatever happens, and do my best. Im going to give 100% to the audience, no matter what.

The 51-year-old self-appraised herself and her journey as she approaches 30 years into her career. I am super proud of myself because I worked hard to achieve my goal. Im proud of my family, my friends, my abilities, and the energy that I give to others. I'm so grateful for how far I've come.

In fact, it didn't do anything for her until she accepted the Icon Award at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards presented by Janet Jackson.

It all just started to register like, Wow, I really did something, but it's not like I did something because I was great all the time, I did something because I was going through all kinds of hell all the time, according to MJB. I had to walk through all of that hell. I had to hear all of this bad stuff. I had to hear all of this negative stuff.

Because of the trials and tribulations Ive gone through and the lyrics in my songs, I have given them what they have. And great songs, and a lot of women are becoming more transparent because of me. It's not like everything was perfect. A lot of things were not, but now things are better than they were.

Mary also discusses her early memories with Diddy and what it's like working with R&B artists of this generation like H.E.R. and Summer Walker. This article will be updated as soon as the live recording is released.

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