The Director of Independence Day is putting on a Roman Gladiator show

The Director of Independence Day is putting on a Roman Gladiator show ...

According to Variety, Roland Emmerich is set to direct a series centered on the ancient Roman Empire in a spectacular manner. Those About to Die will feature unexpected characters amid the complex and complicated landscape of Roman Gladiator battle, which he expects to accomplish in 2025.

For the very first time, Roland Emmerich is well-known for directing big-scale blockbuster films such as Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and2012.Emmerich does things by halves, and he is now set to bring his trademark large-scale, high-octane, and bombastic creativity to the world of television. Peacock is set to direct the series centered on Roman Gladiator culture.

Those About to Die is a fictional biography by Daniel Mannix. Robert Rodat has written and produced several works on this new Gladiator show, which focuses on an action-packed thriller. Roland Emmerich will direct the series and direct audiences to this dark, trouble-filled world.

The veteran director had this to say about why he is so excited to bring this gladiator-inspired series to life; The Roman Empire has always fascinated me, especially its massive games which entertained the general public through the spectacle at the monumental Colosseum-I'm excited to collaborate with Peacock, High End Productions, Hollywood Gang, and AGC Studios in bringing this rich world of blood, sweat, and tears to television.

Lisa Katz, the president of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, shared Roland Emmerich's excitement about the new gladiator series that will be released on the platform in a completely different way; Those About To Die, a new type of investigation that involves palace intrigue and a dark criminal underworld.

Independence Day may be regarded as one of the greatest modern movies, but Roland Emmerich's recent films have been far less successful. It starred actors like Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson and only grossed $44 million at the worldwide box office, making it a certified flop. NBCUniversal is hoping that the gladiator seriesThose About to Die will bring Emmerich back to form.

Thanks to Ridley Scott, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT learned that Scott is planning on releasing a sequel to Russell Crowe's filmGladiator as soon as he finishes his work on hisNapoleonfilm in 2023. That puts a Roland Emmerich project on track to compete with Ridley Scott on both the scale and the success of his television debut.

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