The Tupac Shakurs Sister Accused the Estate Executor of Financial Misappropriation

The Tupac Shakurs Sister Accused the Estate Executor of Financial Misappropriation ...

The sister of Tupac Shakurs has filed a lawsuit against the executor of their mother's estate, alleging financial misappropriation and a failure to dispose of Pac's personal belongings as a hide-and-control strategy, according to Rolling Stone. The trustee's allegation, filed by Sekyiwa Shakur, is not only offensive, but legally baseless.

Shakurs' lawyers requested that the court appoint an independent CPA to audit the trust and all of its assets, which has yet to be produced despite being requested by Shakur in years prior. Whalley had previously assured the court in March that an independent firm would be hired to audit the trust and all of its assets, and had been ordered by a judge to complete the trust's audit by June 30, a deadline that has since expired.

For almost six years, (Whalley) has neglected to properly account to the beneficiaries, and even after being ordered to do a compliant accounting by this court, he has refused again, according to the 31-page lawsuit. Instead, he and his advisors have renewed their commitment to a years-long pattern of delinquent behavior by withholding vital information and refusing to properly account in accordance with the trust, California law, and his own fiduciary duties.

Afeni Shakurs' trust includes Amaru Entertainment, which is owned by the estate but managed by Whalley, and which controls the majority of Tupacs discography, likeness, and other intellectual property. According to court filings, Whalley may be earning a substantial share of his income from his work with Amaru, which Sekyiwa and her legal team have suggested might be excessive.

When Afeni was alive, she had to make the decisions. Mr. Whalley is the only one who has the right to do that. According to Rolling Stone, there is a special provision in the trust that states that the conflict of interest, which is obvious, is waived so long as the compensation that he receives is basically commercially reasonable. We aren't even sure what he's receiving.

Sekyiwa claims she has yet to receive Pac's inherited items since his death, including several automobiles, gold records, clothing, and the pinball machines from the Tupac Shakur: Wake Me When Im Free presentation at Los Angeles L.A. Live. Whalley claims that since the exhibit is ongoing, Sekyiwa will begin to receive Pac's personal property, as well as his involvement in the estate having proved lucrative, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in value for Amaru

The Whalleys legal team has also highlighted the role their client has played in ensuring the Trust's name, likeness, and intellectual property remains intact. Pacs Thug Life is well-known for acquiring master recordings, copyrights, footage, and other material from Death Row Records and Universal Music during that period.

According to Whalleys March filings, Amaru has increased in value by tens of millions of dollars.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for August 10.

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