Taylor Swift's reported private jet use and carbon footprint set Twitter ablaze

Taylor Swift's reported private jet use and carbon footprint set Twitter ablaze ...

Taylor Swift is in the hot seat for her reported private jet usage and carbon emissions. For weeks now, the term climate criminal has been flying around with the same frequency as the celebrities it is being applied to. Public scrutiny of celebrity flight data has fueled endless memes and tweets, most recently on Swift.

Swifts is the most prolific celebrity CO2e polluter in 2022, according to a new report from the company to Rolling Stone. The singer claims she was not accountable for all of these flights.

As Yard noted, the singers' CO2e total for the first seven months of 2022 is staggering, exceeding the average person's CO2e total over the course of a year. And it was certainly enough for memes of Swift flying anywhere and everywhere to begin.

Any footage or photographs involving airplanes or flying could be used as a meme about Swift's carbon footprint.

In the wake of Swift's private jet controversy, people jokingly suggested various transportation alternatives, from automobiles to a magic carpet.

The hullaballoo also prompted people to reexamine some of the singer-songwriter's lines. Lines like I criticized the way you fly and I ran off the plane suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

Regardless of Swift's exact CO2 output, some fans were more concerned about another way she might be influencing climate change: her hotness.

While humor was a big part of the Twitter discussion surrounding Swift and other celebrities' private jet travel, such excursions do have a serious impact. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, greenhouse gas emissions are the most significant contributor to observed climate change since the mid-20th century. Carbon dioxide, in particular, is responsible for a substantial part of the United States' atmosphere.

Yard found that private jets have an enormous impact on the environment. Private jets are the worst offenders for emissions per passenger. It's a particularly popular form of travel among celebrities, who often opt for extremely short-haul flights instead of a more environmentally friendly option.

While it remains to be seen if or not public outcry will alter celebrities' flying habits, Twitter is keeping the conversation interesting.

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