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TheInsightPartnerscom - The Hot Melt Adhesives Market (7,473,37 million $ by 2028) Growth Forecast at 51% CAGR During 2021 to 20 28 COVID

TheInsightPartnerscom - The Hot Melt Adhesives Market (7,473,37 million $ by 2028) Growth Forecast at 51% CAGR During 2021 to 20 28 COVID

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- According to new research study "Hot Melt Adhesives Market Forecast to 2028 COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis The market was valued at US$ 7,473.37 million in 2021 and is projected to reach US $ 10,982.38 million by 2028; the price was estimated at 7,477.37 in 2121; it was projected that It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5,1% from 2020 to 2028. The market expansion is driven by the increased application capacity in the aforementioned end-use industries and the changing trend from solvent adhesive to hot melt adhesive. The market's growth is obstructed by low thermal resistance.

The hot melt adhesives market in APAC is anticipated to grow fastest in the coming years. The applications mainly include composite containers, carton side seam & closures, cups, tubes, bags, labels, specialty envelopes and films, disposables. The paper, paperboard and packaging are the few of the largest industrial end-use industries in the region for hot melt adhesives. De plus, the growing adoption of online purchases propels demand for packaging, which would create lucrative opportunities for the hot melt adhesives market in the forecast period.

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Hot melt Adhesives Increasing Utilization of Hot Melt Adhesive in Roadmarking Boosts the use of hot Melting Adhensiva in Hot Marking to increase the value of the Hotmelt

The use of hot melt adhesives in construction has certain advantages over other typical adhesive types, such as solvent-based adhesive. The hot melt adhesives offer various benefits, such as the ability to bind different substrates together, high flexibility in case of design, and cost-effectiveness of any smooth machinated process. The use of hot melt adhesives for road marking is a proprietary and innovative technology, and enables an application process to produce retro-reflective marking effect on concrete or base roads for scabs to ensure safe night driving. The thermoplastic road marking paints use polybutene in holt melt adhesives because it dries fast and hardens the road surface. Polybutene further offers good UV and thermal resistance, which reduces the brittle point and lowers a softening point, and reduce the total hardness of the finishing road mark. A hot melt kettle heats up the road marking material to 200C, then sprays it over the pavement. After it cools down, the paint becomes wear-resistant, light and reflective. For easy identification of road markings, reflective glass beads can be added even in the dark, so they help to improve brightness and durability.

Many companies contribute to the production of hot melt road marking products by innovative products. The road marking industry still needs to grow, and it would offer growth opportunities in the future. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction activity will rise again in emerging economies, and the postponed projects will resume during the forecast period, which further influence the growth of hot melt adhesives market during forecast time. For example, JiangSu Faer Wax Industry Co. Ltd offers hot melt marking paint, which is a type of road marking material created by using the thermoplastic petroleum resin as the binder, high-quality fillers and This road marking material has many advantages such as quick drying, smooth construction, good reflection capacity, and long service life. The company of KEMAT Polybutenes also offers hot melt road marking paints. KEMAT polybutenes are an excellent pour-point, which increases road marking color flow even in the winter. The polybut, polybol poly-butenes, and polygon-polybute can achieve the most scalable viscosities using a MW distribution for the road marking paints. Thermoplastic road marking materials are used in many places, such as parking and roads. Common colors for road marks are white and yellow. Yellow pigments consist of yellow lead, while white pigmented pigment are mostly zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and lithopone.

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Hot Melt Adhesives Market: Segmental Overview.

In terms of type, the segment of ethylene-vinyl acetate led the hot melt adhesives market in 2020. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is used in many hot melt adhesives because of their rubber-like flexibility. The EVA-based adhesives are flexible enough to resist cracking especially when exposed to UV light. These adhesives are durable even in harsh temperatures. The market was dominating the adhesive stick segment in 2021 in terms of product type. Hot melt glue sticks are cylindrical sticks with different diameters, and are used with a hot glue gun. These sticks are solid in solid form at room temperature. The products are designed to hold high and low temperature glue gun. In terms of application, the packaging segment dominated the hot melt adhesives market in 2021. Hot melt adhesives is a packaging application, such as carton or box sealing, bottle labeling, paper bag manufacturing and bags assembly. In these applications, glue sticks, ethylene vinyl acetate-based hot melts, polyurethane hot-wash adhesives and waxes are used.

Market of hot melt adhesives: Competition landscape and key developments and competition landscape.

The Dow Chemical Company, Beardow Adams, Adtech and Gorilla Glue are a few key companies operating in the global hot melt adhesive market. The market players continue to look forward to tapping the prevailing business opportunities by expanding and diversifying their market presence and acquiring new customer bases.

Arkema announced in December 2019 that Bostik acquired LIP Bygningsartikler AS (LIP) in the acquisition of LIPS. LIP provides tile adhesives, waterproofing and floor preparation solutions. This acquisition has enabled Bostik to offer its customers a wide range of high value-added products, while expanding its presence in Nordic countries.

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In 2020, H.B. Fuller Company announced readily available adhesive grades with hot melt advanced technology for extreme cold storage of vaccines and medication packaging. The company offers an extreme cold resistant adhesive grades readily available with Advantra 9280 EU and Ad vantra BOLD 9480.

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